I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette | Makeup Revolution

Every so often, I find a drugstore product that makes me go WOW. This occasion, it’s the I Heart Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution. I love a good dupe and I think it’s just great to be able to offer people a budget version of a high end product. They knocked it out of the bag with this chocolatey goodness!

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging is fun and pretty and I love all the shimmers in the palette! 16 decadent shades are housed in this delight and I can use every colour to create a natural to smokey look. Although this has been out for some time now, I have only just got my hands on it. It was an impulse purchase and I don’t regret it!

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette 2

I’m totally obsessed with the packaging of this. It looks so luxurious and the illusion of melted chocolate in a metallic golden finish looks very inviting. This is every girls make up dream come alive – chocolate and makeup! When you open the palette, there is a strong sweet scent which resembles chocolate.


Here are some of my favourite picks from the palette:

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette Swatches 2

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I’ve been a long standing Makeup Revolution fan and this palette is a must have for any chocolate lover! Even if you don’t love chocolate, but your addicted to buying makeup, this one is for you!

Available to buy right here for just Β£9.00.




L’oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

I love that L’oreal are introducing different lines into their infallible range. Since I love Pro-Glow so much, I wanted to try this new one which claims to offer full coverage.


The texture is quite thick which feels like foam and you need the tiniest amount to give you decent coverage. The first negative I noticed straight away was that the formula was difficult to blend. I did use a beauty blender though and this probably didn’t do me any favours. Due to thickness of the formula, I recommend using a brush to apply.

What I like about this foundation though is the coverage it gives – it really is total cover.

During my testing period I had this foundation on for 10 hours and there was no noticeable patchiness or oiliness. However, the second time I wore this, there was a few dry patches on my face especially around the nose area and I can’t think what I had done differently. I am going to try this mixed in with a lighter foundation such a Pro-Glow as I feel it will lighten the consistency.



Discover Infallible Total Cover Foundation for a flawless, full coverage base that lasts up to 24 hours. The zero compromise, camouflage formula covers everything from blemishes, redness and tattoos without the overload, while the matte finish leaves you with an even, shine-free base. NO COMPROMISE. NO TRANSFER. NO OVERLOAD


30% more pigment allows for more coverage using less product. Lightweight and easy to blend, thanks to unique camo stretch technology. Longwear transfer-free formula lasts up to 24 hours

As always, I will drop the pros and cons below to help you decide if this is the foundation for you.


  • Long lasting
  • Full coverage
  • Large shade selection for light skin tones
  • Comparable to high end foundation
  • Great for oily skin (no breakouts on the t zone)
  • A little goes a long way
  • Good value for the price you pay


  • Limited shade selection for dark skin tones
  • Patchy around nose area
  • Difficult to blend with Beauty Blender
  • May need mixing with a lightweight foundation
  • Applied with two layers and it can look ‘caked on’
  • Hard texture
  • Thick consistency
  • Need to work with it very quickly


I picked up the shade Sand and have done a swatch for you below:


You can see what I mean about the thick and foam like consistency – it is quite weighty.


I have shown the swatch blended out too so you get an idea of the coverage.

L’oreal are doing amazing with all their new releases – all of which I have loved so far, but I am still on the fence with this one.

You can purchase the foundation right here for only Β£9.99.