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3ina pronounced Mina are a fairly new brand to the market. They’ve been around for approximately 1 year and have a ‘one size fits all’ approach with their products. I reviewed their UV range not so long ago and was quite impressed with the quality and pigmentation. I was kindly sent three of their ‘Bestseller’ products to test and couldn’t wait to try them. The packaging is simple, there’s nothing fancy about it, but the products are good quality and when it comes down to it, the presentation isn’t as important to me than the actual product. If it performs well, that’s the main thing. The products are all housed in simple back plastic packaging – they are easy to store, light and easy to fit in my portable makeup bag.

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These bestsellers were voted by the customer and are described as being ‘hero’ products for your kit.

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Highlighter 201, £10.95

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It’s no surprise that this was up there amongst the bestsellers. This universal highlighter is suitable for all skintones, it has a creamy finish and reflects like glitter although it’s not chunky. It gives off that lightbulb glow unveiling radiant skin. As always, my top tips on applying this is anywhere you want to glow! Which is basically everywhere – ha! The pan is a good size too and you get a decent amount of product. This gives a subtle yet effective highlight and you can build on the colour. This will also double up as a shimmer eyeshadow and it’s not too chunky at all in the formaula. It applies so smooth and gives you a nice glow when mixed in with some Fix Plus. This is perfect for my skin tone and I just love it. The Gold tones compliment my skin even with a tan.

The Longwear Lipstick 505, £7.95

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I am a lipstick fiend, so I was interested to see how the Longwear Lipstick did in it’s testing. It looks like a traditional lipstick, but don’t be fooled, it uses a twist action to reveal a doefoot applicator. I really like the colour, it’s a Terracotta toned Red and it’s extremely pigmented. I am a fan of applicators like this and it gave off a decent amount of colour from the doefoot onto my lips. You can see from my swatch below how pigmented the colour is. The formula is fantastic, it combines the texture of a standard lipstick but dries down to a matte finish.

The Cream Eyeshadow 313, £8.95

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Probably my most favourite out of all three, this intense glimmer metallic eyeshadow really excels itself in terms of payoff. This is perfect for Summer holidays and warm days. A little goes a long way and this blended into the lids with some mascara just looks so effortless. I’m crushing over the colour so much, I mean it looks like high shine, metallic metal. It has a mousse like texture and sets in nicely. For me, I have the worlds oiliest skin and that means oily eyelids at all times. I used this on my lids using my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion, and applied the cream eyeshadow over it. I am pleased to report, there was no visible creasing and the product stayed in place.


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*Post contains PR samples. All views are my own. 


Scunci Hero Hair Range

Scunci have a new hair collection launching at Primark and it’s Pink! You will remember Scunci from my previous post and I am pleased to report they have expanded their range. I was kindly sent four new products to share and I really like them! A girl can never have too many hair accesories in my opinion and these are pretty great.

Because life is too short to have boring hair…


Silicon Black and Clear Elastics, 16pk, £2.50

Scunci (16).JPG

The best elastics on the market right now – these give an amazing grip and are perfect to work on thick hair (curly girls, I am talking to you!) These have been tried and tested on my barnet and I can confirm they do the job. They have a rubber finish which ensures a no slip grip and keeps the hair in place all day long. Even at the gym. I think these are much better than the traditional material elastic bands because they don’t snap.

Fishtail Braider, £4.00

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Scunci (5)

Scunci (6)

Scunci (8)

Scunci (1).JPG

I have always wanted to do a fishtail plait on my hair, but I just don’t know how to. I am so excited about this little pack! It has all the tools you need to try one. I haven’t had the chance to play with with this, but I shall report back once I do. It looks easy enough, but I imagine a side fishtail will be much easier for me to work with. Anything is possible these days!

This pack includes 3 very easy tools you need to create your style:

  • Fishtail Braider Tool
  • No Damage Elastic
  • Pearl Charms

You don’t necessarily need to use the pearl charms, but I think it would look quite good as a wedding style. Think teenage slumber party – this would be ideal for that also. I can imagine a lot of girls having fun with this. It would have been nice to see a YouTube video accompany this, but the instructions are clear enough.

Detangling Cushion Brush, £4.00

Scunci (19)

Scunci (24)

This ceramic brush has a rubber touch to it which makes for easy gripping. It’s sleek design detangles wet or dry hair and it’s cussion function makes it a stress free experience. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to hang in the shower. I love it because its Pink obvs! This brush does not split or break my hair and I love the little pink tips at the end of the bristles.

Ceramic Backcombing Brush, £3.00

Scunci (18).JPG

Scunci (14)

I LOVE backcombing. It comes as second nature to me when I am styling my hair. This is perfect for volumising the hair because it has curved backcombing bristles and gives maximum volume from the roots. I found this very easy to use and it gave me fab oompf! I often like to quiff my hair and have it styled in a ponytail for lazy days. This brush works very well for me and I love it’s simline design.

Scunci (9)

Everything in this range suits my vanity perfectly because it’s my favourite colour and the products are great too. The inexpensive price point is attractive and you can buy yours right now nationwide from all Primark stores.


*This post contains PR samples. All views are my own.