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Colour Correction

Colour correction is something I get asked about frequently. ‘My foundation appears ashy’ ‘Why does the area around my mouth look grey’ ‘My concealer just doesn’t blend like I want it to’ I want to tell you how to correct that problem. Before you colour correct though, make sure your skin is prepped and primed. A primer may seem like an additional step to some, but Makeup Artists, Beauty Addicts and the like are obsessed with it and it really is an amazing thing to use! I prime my skin with Benefit Porefessional. You need the tiniest pea sized amount because a little goes a long way.


Back to Colour Correction – Suffering from dullness on the skin is a common problem for us all (myself included) and I was really confused a few months ago about how I could rectify this. I started researching online and found that one needs to correct the colour underneath the skin before the foundation and concealer can be applied effortlessly. A few of the causes of these issues with our skin are age, environment and sometimes even in the case of the mature lady – medication.

Prior to discovering this correction method, I was piling on the concealer like there was no tomorrow! However, this caused my skin to break out in oily patches and emphasise on my pores. This is a major no no. By choosing to colour correct – this method ensures smooth results and creates a  flawless look. I colour correct everyday and when I don’t my foundation just looks dull and ashy.

The trick is, to blend, blend, blend! I love the makeup term ‘Blend that shit’ because it is true! The last thing you want to see is different coloured patches that is not your foundation or concealer. I like to apply the product with my fingers as I feel the heat from my hands applies much more smoother onto the skin. You can of course use any makeup brush of your choice (concealer brush, blending brush, stippling brush) but I prefer to use my fingers. My main areas to apply this product (now do bear in mind we are all different) is under the eyes of course. I, like many out there suffer from circles under my eyes, around the mouth (I suffer from extreme ashiness) and also the area around the chin. Years of hair removal methods could be the cause of this.

I have seen a few tutorials online of women using their Red Lipsticks to colour correct with under the eye and then using concealer over. I personally have not tried this – but I feel as though it would be a waste of a Red lipstick. Especially as it is my favourite colour these days and I do not wish to sacrifice my Mac collection for it! If any of you ladies have tried it, do comment below and let me know how it worked out for you.


I have been using this colour correction method for a few months now and have to say it really does work. My foundation appears brighter, cirlces are better covered and my skin just generally feels smoother. I have not tried the powder correctors – these do not appeal to me. I prefer the cream based products. Here are a few of my favourite products to correct with:



There are loads of amazing products out there, it’s all about trial and error. Colour correction is so important when you are highlighting and contouring.

Be sure to pick your colours carefully too. I use  Green and Orange for my problem areas, but here is what you need to look out for when choosing your colours:

  • Green does the job for omitting the red areas in your skin – for example, if you have a breakout or suffer from spotty areas. Works great on people who suffer from rosacea, broken blood vessels.
  • Pink will cancel out Purple on people who have fairer skin and suffer from under eye circles.
  • Yellow is best for people who have olive toned or tanned skin and cancels dark patches under the eye and the purple/blue circles.

I like using NYX and MUA products because they are inexpensive and very creamy. Great for anyone on a budget, and even if you aren’t, this is a great little product to have in your makeup kit. Who says you need to spend loads to look great? These babies do the job!