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The Many Uses of Mac Fix Plus Spray

So many people use Fix Plus and often mistake it for a setting spray. I will be breaking it down and giving you a in depth review on what it’s actually used for, and you’ll be surprised. It has SO many uses and I can’t live without it!

What It Does

This is a finishing spray, and can be used as follows:

  • Refresh the skin
  • Act as a finishing mist
  • Give you a dewy complexion if sprayed before and after makeup
  • Remove the powdery, cake like feeling from your makeup
  • Leaves the skin looking soft
  • Soothes your skin


My top tips on how to use this are to:

  • Soak your Beauty Blender in Mac Fix Plus for a dewy complexion prior to applying foundation
  • Spray onto your brush before you highlight to intensify and smooth the shimmer
  • Spray onto your eye shadow brush to intensify colour
  • Spray your Fix Plus before and after makeup to finish it off
  • Use it throughout the day to give your makeup a boost and freshness

This amazing creation is dewy skin in a bottle and I often refer to this in my makeup posts because I absolutely LOVE it.

This will ensure fresh hydrated skin all year round. I love how this feels on my skin and the pump dispenser is ideal because it doesn’t leak, especially when travelling. The application of this product is a fine even mist and comes out perfect every time.

Cucumber and caffeine are great for your skin anyway, so the fact that it is included in Fix Plus is a bonus for me. I have read a few articles where people have critisize this product and said ‘well I just can just spray water on my face instead of this spray’. No, you are mistaken. The fruit extracts, cucumber and caffeine all work together to wake your skin up and keep it looking fresh. Yes, you can spray water onto your face at your own peril – but it will simply take your makeup off! Yes, this product is mostly water based, but it also includes other ingredients which help to keep your makeup hydrated.


A few ways in which I personally like to use this:

  • Spray before makeup – This refreshes my face before and after application of makeup and creates a soft canvas for me to work on – perfect for that Summer glow which I love. I also love to spray this on during the day to wake me up especially if I have had a long day. I love the feeling of cool mist on my face!
  • Spray after makeup – After I have applied my makeup, it can sometimes look powdery. Fix Plus helps to blend the makeup into my skin for a more natural look. I spray this evenly onto my entire face and leave it to dry for a few seconds. This allows the makeup to set into the skin and not sit on top of it.
  • Use Fix Plus to apply loose pigments – Spray your eyeshadow brush with Fix Plus (dampen the brush, not drench!) and gently pick up the pigment. Tap off any excess pigment and pat onto the lid to apply. Using this method also helps the pigment to stay on longer because Fix Plus acts as a bonding agent.
  • Make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant – As above, spray spray your eyeshadow brush with Fix Plus, dip your brush into the eyeshadow and pat it onto the lid. This is also a good technique to use on baked eye shadows. Baked eye shadows do not have a lot of colour payoff when used dry – so by using the spray, it really transforms your baked shadows into colours that are really vibrant and intense.
  • Dilute concealer or foundation – If your concealer is quite thick, give it a quick spray on the back of your hand to work with. Or, if your foundation is fuller in coverage and you want to make it sheer, mix your foundation and spray Fix Plus on the back of your hand or in a small mixing dish. Also, if you have fast drying foundation that doesn’t give you much application time – try the Fix Plus to allow more time to perfect the liquid foundation.
  • Thin out creamier products – Try it with a gel liner for example. It makes the application easier and helps the liner to glide on smoother. Don’t add too much otherwise it will become too watery.

Edit: In the last few years, MAC have released so many limited edition versions of the different scents, and now they’ve finally made them permanent! You can now indulge in Coconut, Rose and Lavender scents! 

You can purchase Fix Plus right here.

This is how I like to use my Fix Plus! How do you use yours? I would love to hear about it!