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Skincare 101

Skincare goes beyond soap and water. I cannot stress how important it is to look after your skin. Now that Summer is here, my main priority is to control the oiliness in my skin as I suffer from it quite badly. Of course, once my makeup is complete I set it with a finishing powder, but before that, I need to use the right skincare products to ensure the oiliness is at bay.


Cleanse, tone and moisturise is a vital part of the skincare routine. When you train yourself yourself to do this, you will achieve a great canvas for your skin. I know I always refer to the skin as a canvas – that’s because it is and it’s imperative to look after it. There are thousands of products on the market and you can get stuck sometimes and wonder – ‘which one is right for me?’ There is no right and there is no wrong. It is all about trial and error.  I’m quite boring when it comes to skincare because I have pretty much had the same routine for the last 16 years. As you are all aware how much I LOVE Liz Earle products, it is my holy grail of skin care. Don’t get me wrong, over the years I have experimented with other brands but I always come back to this – it’s so affordable. There are other skin care ranges that are less expensive, but to be honest, between myself and my Mother, having tried every single skincare product on the planet – I can honestly say, that it doesn’t matter if you opt for high or low end products. Whatever works best for you and your skin type. I am a skincare junkie too and love to try out anything new on the market (I take after my Mother clearly!)


As you get a little older, you will find that you want that extra bit more, so you don’t mind spending a little more money on skincare. I have tried them all – Clinique, Molten Brown, Estee Lauder, Clarins and even simple. The perks of trying out some of the more higher end brands were from my days as a Harrods girl! In the past when I have tested a new range, I will give it at least a few weeks before I make up my mind. Other than Liz Earle, I do favour the Lush range for their extensive range of masks and other facial goodies. I was a little hesitant a few years ago being dragged into this shop that had a very pungent smell! But that quickly changed!


Between myself and my Mother, I would say on average, we test out about 5 new skincare products a month. She actually encouraged me to start writing this blog (as well as my friends) but we both definitely work as a team when it comes to trying and testing anything skin related. I will only mention products on my blog though, that I genuinely believe work.


Once you have chosen a skincare range that suits you and one you really like, stick to it. Morning and evening religiously! Believe me you will see a difference. I was discussing the cucumber technique with my friend a few weeks ago and as cliche as it does sound – it really does work girls! 2 pieces of sliced cucumber straight from the fridge onto your eyes for about 15-20 minutes works absolute wonders. Mothers with babies – try it when the little ones are asleep. The working girls – take a few minutes out after work. I do like to do this as often as I can (daily sometimes) I love that the juices of the cucumber tighten around my eye area and leave it plump.