Gwen x Urban Decay Collection

After the much hyped release of Urban Decay’s collaboration Palette with Pop sensation Gwen Stefani, fans are now treated to the full collection. The rest of the collaboration consists of a Blusher Palette, Lipsticks, Lip Liners and a Brow Kit. The brow kit is only suitable for light haired honeys as it caters to blonde colouring.

What I Purchased


  • Blush Palette – £35
  • Rock Steady Lipstick – £16
  • Ex Girlfriend Lip Liner – £14
  • Ex Girlfriend Lipstick (not pictured) – £16






I purchased the blush palette before I had the chance to swatch it in store. I happen to pop into Urban Decay at the weekend and finally had a play around with the colours in store. My first impressions were not that great. I was not blown away by the colours if I am honest, but as it is a part of the collection, I wanted to buy it as a collectors piece. There are 2 shades which double up as a highlighter – Angel and Hush. The highlight colours are nice enough, but not something I would usually wear. Lo-Fi makes a great shade for contouring – although I feel it is not strong enough for me. Here are the swatches:



I would probably use OC as a inner corner highlight for my eyes rather than a highlight for the face – this is too light for me. I love to glow like a disco ball! I was expecting a lot more from this palette, this blush colours don’t really do it for me. Cherry is probably the only colour I am likely to use.

I also purchased 2 lipsticks from this collection – Rock Steady and Ex Girlfriend. Ex Girlfriend is not pictured or swatched as it did not arrive in time. Of course I went straight for the Nude – I love a warm toned lipstick. Rock Steady was probably the only other shade that really stood out to me. When I purchased the eyeshadow palette, I was given a sample of all the lipsticks that were going to be released and I managed to pick my favourite two from there. The texture is creamy and smooth and applies well. It does not dry my lips and I like the shine that it leaves.


Next up we have the ever so creamy Ex Girlfriend lip liner:


The packaging mimics the art deco design same as the eyeshadow palette – all developed by Gwen and the Urban Decay team.




The eyeshadow palette is still available to purchase online and in store. You can read my review right here.

What did you purchase? Is the palette a hit or miss for you?




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