Dior Glowing Gardens Illuminator Spring 2016

Hands up if you were lucky enough to get your hands on this gorgeous collection? ME! I was so sad I missed out on the Dior Transat Highlighter a few years ago. Not this time! I made sure I had the release date and called Selfridges to reserve these babies for me.

The Glowing Gardens Illuminators are available in 2 shades Glowing Pink and Glowing Nude. Glowing Pink is great for fair toned ladies and Glowing Nude is great for olive skin tones. I purchased two (and back ups)

How gorgeous are these?





I am in love with this yummy floral print design on the pan. It is nothing like I have seen before and I really think these highlighter designs get more eloquent with time. Just look at the detailing. This is why I had to buy back ups – one for use and the other to just admire. When I first got these home,  I did not even want to touch them. That’s when I quickly decided I needed back ups.



I love to use Glowing Pink on a day to day basis. It gives me just the right amount of sheen. Glowing Nude is perfect for that evening gleam.

This collection sold out pretty fast, but you need to keep checking back as Selfridges had it back in stock very briefly as did Debenhams before quickly selling out.

I went in store and purchased mine directly from Selfridges. The trip was worth totally worth it. I just stood at the counter for ages swatching and playing around with all the colours. One of the most prettiest highlights I own and yes… The addiction is real!

What did you buy?



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