MAC Guo Pei

MAC Guo Pei collection launched in October last year. Quite easily the most luxurious collection of 2015, this is nothing like MAC has ever released before. So, why am I writing about this so late? Well, it’s only recently that I managed to get my hands on most of this collection! Selfridges seem to have released it online a couple of weeks ago. We were told this was going to be an online only release exclusive to MAC and not available from any other outlet. Looks like they had extras for us.

The colours in the collection did not wow me, but in true makeup junkie fashion – I had to buy some pieces! Here’s why…



Just look at that packaging!!

What did I get?

  • Guo Pei Blush in Lotus Blossom – Light Pink (matte) £32
  • Guo Pei Blush in Red Water Lily – Light Coral Pink (satin) £32
  • Guo Pei Beauty Powder in Moonlight – Translucent Powder  £50
  • Guo Pei 129 Powder Brush £36

The blushers I purchased separately through private sales and the remainder of the collection was bought online at Selfridges.

I really like the blushers. Typically, they aren’t colours I would normally wear, but Lotus Blossom is a perfect every day colour. It is understated, long wearing and sits really well on my cheeks. I can never fault a MAC blusher because the formula is always spot on.






Being the makeup junkie I am, you know I purchased this brush as a collectors piece only. This is just too pretty to use! That, and the material would probably get soaked when washing if your not careful. This is not one to be used, but to be admired.



I don’t agree with the way they have constructed the fabric over the brush handle as it’s not realistic to use, but it looks so pretty!

I didn’t purchase the nude quad –  I thought nearly all of the colours were disappointing and for the £45 price tag, it did put me off. The cost of the beauty powder could be justified at £50 because there is more product in the compact. This is a stunning collection, and the price is quite hefty too, but the items I picked up are ones that I am most likely to use.

The collection features a fabric print which is floral all over the compacts. This is a great buy if your looking for a collectors piece like me. Going back to the price tag – this collection is significantly higher than their standard range. In essence, you really are paying for the packaging. Now I know, not everyone will want to, but if your an avid collector then this is a must.




MAC partnered up with China’s most esteemed and highly sought after couturier for these pieces, and if you remember that crazy Yellow dress Rihanna wore to the Met Gala in May 2015 – Guo Pei was the designer!

The packaging for this collection is inspired by Guo Pei’s ‘Garden of the Soul’ theme and looks like a beautiful fantasy. The colours are striking and looks a dream.




Did you pick anything up from this collection? You can still buy a few pieces online right here. 






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