Kiko The Artist Collection

I haven’t really dipped into the world of Kiko as much as I should have. When I saw this hot collection had launched, I had to get my hands on it. I present to you, the Artist Collection.


The line is a explosion of colour – wild, vivid and so funky. The collection is inspired by art of course and I love the colour combinations.

I purchased:



I love the price points of their collections – especially the limited edition ones. Kiko don’t increase their prices and The Artist collection is very affordable.

I love this White packaging, it looks so unique with the artist’s watercolour blush strokes. It expresses the collection well, as it is ‘The Artist’



The blusher has 2 shades in the pan that you swirl together for a peachy glow. There are 4 shades available and I have ‘Creative Peach’ pictured.



The brushes have ombre bristles which drew me to them straight away. I am a sucker for a brush collection! I just had to have these. Pictured here is the foundation and blusher brush.

What do you think of the Artist Collection? Will you be buying anything from it? It’s available to purchase right here.



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