MAC Limited Edition Collection Round Up

It is my tradition to buy at least one item from each limited edition collection from MAC. MAC Cosmetics are well known for constantly feeding our addictions. I think they have about 26 limited edition collections per year! That’s crazy right? Every time I tell myself I won’t give in, and then the promo shots come out and I am all over it. I have MAC issues what can I say! I’m a true MAC girl at heart <3

Now usually I would have reviewed these all separately but I had realised I’d accumulated quite the collection over the course of 2 months. It was just easier for me to blog this as a collective haul rather than individual.




What Did I Buy?

  • Flamingo Park Times 9 Palette
  • Future Forward Otherearthly Mineralise Skin Finish
  • Charlotte Olympia Lash Curler
  • Future Forward Halsey Lipstick
  • Vibe Tribe Gleam Tones Powder
  • Vibe Tribe Arrowhead Lipstick


Flamingo Park Times 9



Flamingo Park palette was a US exclusive, so I had to order mine from America. It is a times 9 palette with some fun and quirky colours. The pans are small – mini sized. What I like is that they can be easily used for travelling, don’t take up too much room and are perfect for Summer. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I always love a pop of colour under my eyes, and this palette is perfect for giving me that. I also think the colours in this will work really well with my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette. The Pink and Blue shades are vibrant and fun. There is a lot of Pink in this palette – some nice shimmers and mattes too to create a lovely cut crease look with.


Future Forward Otherearthly Mineralise Skin Finish



This whimsical highlighter was an absolute must for me. You all know how I feel about glowing like a disco ball. This beauty has got three different colours which can be used separately or all together. I happened to be browsing the MAC site one day when I saw this up. I had to get ir straight away. Needless to say it had sold out a little later. I am obsessed with the peach in this – it’s so pretty!


Charlotte Olympia Lash Curler


The packaging. That is all I have to say! I do have a penchant for ‘collecting’ eye lash curlers which I will never use, so when this collection previewed, none of the lipsticks really stood out to me. I knew I wanted the curlers. They are Gold! Also the box they come in is just gorgeous.


Future Forward Halsey Lipstick


This lipstick was in collaboration with the singer Halsey and it’s a deep toned Grey. It is a matte finish, but I found it slightly drying to wear. I was also super disappointed that the actual lipstick tube did not have any limited edition packaging on it, just the outer box. It’s a nice colour all the same and I have worn it alone, but also under some of my Grey liquid lipsticks.


MAC Vibe Tribe





The collection that has caused much controversy over it’s promo pics. Lovely design, amazing packaging, but perhaps they should have been a little sensitive to the name and the pictures? There was major uproar across social media, and although the names are just present for the collection, it did offend a lot of people. Onto the collection itself though I fell in love with the lipstick ‘Arrowhead’ It is a peachy nude and the printed bullet is probably up there with one of my all time favourite designs. The Gleam Tones powder can be worn as separate shades or all mixed together for a warm summer glow.

How can I Get Myself a MAC Limited Edition Item?

Like any collection, you always need to be quick on the mark with MAC. Lucky for me, I am part of a huge makeup community and we always help/hook each other up 😉 Advantages of having friends in the industry! It is usually best to keep on top of all future release dates and keep a makeup calender. Yes I do have one. I have had one for years! It’s my job to know these things.

I have tried to link below as much as I could find you all (that is still available!)

Hope you enjoyed my MAC segment makeup lovers! Did you purchase anything from these collections?




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