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Hi Dolls!

I was invited to the Skin Philosophy clinic in London (Barnes) to have a Chemical Peel treatment last weekend. I had heard of this before, but I wasn’t sure what it entailed or how it would benefit my skin. I have to admit, I was rather intrigued and excited!


I was given a full skin analysis which was very eye opening for me. Considering I thought I had great skin and that my skincare regime was really good – I could’t have been further from the truth! My appointment was very helpful and I was given lots of information by my consultant Lee Hogan. She was extremely thorough and talked me through every aspect of what I should be doing to look after my skin. It really was an educational experience for me. I love to learn about the skin and all the aesthetics, to see my own face mapped out in front of me was just so interesting.

Firstly I had a consultation with her which lasted about 15 minutes. I was talking her through my skincare routine, and any concerns I had. She then went through my routine again and told me what I was using wrong and the correct products I should be using. I never ever use SPF on my face, and got a major telling off for that. I know after speaking to Lee, how important is it to use SPF at all times.

After the consultation it was time to map my face! This machine does a full on diagnosis of your skin. It measured my oil, open pores, scarring, lines, pigmentation and red veins.




I had to rest my face against this skin analysing machine which read every aspect of my face. Once I had done that, the computer generated all the images and broke it down for Lee to tell her what my problem areas were.

Annie Qadeer-Total

As you can see from the results, my problem area is mostly open pores. I do have very oily skin and my pores have a mind of their own. After speaking to Lee I know what the right products are to use on my face.

Once she had broken down the analysis for me and showed me how my results compared to most people my age, she decided that the Chemical Peel was the best treatment for my skin.



The treatment lasted about 15 minutes and I had the best facial massage which practically put me to sleep.

My face was vigorously cleansed, once with with pure alcohol which was quite pungent and strong. Then a layer, of the peel was added, then another.


My skin felt pretty tight after the treatment and I was advised not to wear any makeup for 3 days after and I couldn’t moisturise for a week. To stay on the safe side, I avoided any makeup or skincare for 1 week as I was scared I would mess up the peel!

My skin didn’t really shed after my treatment, it was just dry for a few days. I knew the end result would be worth it though.

Why You Should Have a Peel

Chemical peels promotes new growth in the skin and approves the over all appearance of the skin – it feels much brighter, fresher and unclogs any blocked pores. Chemical peels are great for treating wrinkles, uneven skin tones and any scarring. It is lifting a layer of your old skin and replacing it with new skin which in effect makes you look younger.

Final Thoughts

I am really glad I had this treatment done because the after effects were just amazing. I am planning to go back in about 3 months time for another. I don’t feel as though I need to ‘cake’ my face in makeup and I feel pretty confident going out without any makeup on. My skin feels much healthier. I am promoting the slogan ‘Let your skin breathe’ I love makeup, but skincare is as equally important.

What did I Learn from It?

I left bursting with skincare information and I was left feeling very well educated.

  • SPF. I will forever promote this. You must use it. I saw the effects of my skin by not using it, and your doing more harm than good. Always make sure you use SPF.
  • Use serums instead of moisturisers. If like me, you suffer from oily skin, using a moisturiser is a big no. This creates more oil. All the oil we carry in our skin acts as a moisturising barrier anyway, so we don’t really need anymore it.
  • Face masks are a big no. I was so upset about this as I have just invested heavily in a lot of face masks. These masks that we love to use to much strip our skin and cause dryness. The same goes for moisturisers, they also strip the skin.
  • Citrus based skincare is a no. Stay away from eucalyptus and mint. These will irratate oily skin further.

Wow, so much information right? All these years I have been parading around using all these above mentioned products. I will be so much more careful about what I am putting on my face.

My face has been glowing since the appointment and I can finally wear makeup tomorrow! Here’s my face 1 week after treatment with no makeup on what so ever:


Sorry for the poor quality photo, but I just had to show you all how my skin looks! It feels so fresh and clean!

Contact Information

You can contact Skin Philosophy right here to book an appointment with them:
Tel: +44 (0) 208 3929411

They are based in Barnes, London:
71 White Hart Lane, Barnes, London

Here is the social media information for them also linked below:


My appointment was with consultant Lee Hogan and she was just amazing with me and very patient. I asked her a lot of questions and she she took the time to answer everything. Thank you Skin Philosophy for inviting me for a Chemical Peel. I highly recommend it 🙂



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