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Hello Lipstick Lovers!


Well they are finally here! The much sought after Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks launched at Cult Beauty on 15th August and I managed to nab myself 4 shades. Harrods also launched the full Huda Beauty line in store, but why go into Central London when you can order from the comfort of your own home! Cult Beauty are pretty quick and my items only took one day to arrive. I had a promo code for 15% off too which always helps. The queue in Harrods was a little crazy to say the least!


What Did I Get

  • Muse
  • Gossip Gurl
  • Venus
  • Bombshell

As you know, I already own the Huda Beauty lip contour (you can read my review right here!) so I felt it was only fitting for me to get the matching liquid lipsticks too!


I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical about ordering online because the swatches and colours look different on every single person I have seen them on. I totally understand that everyone has a different skin colouring and that lip pigmentation is different too, but some of the shades look super light on some people and super dark on others.

So, let’s get onto it…



L-R: Muse, Gossip Girl, Venus and Bombshell

I tried to be quite broad with my colour choices but not too crazy. Bombshell and Venus are the obvious nudes I picked as I can never resist. Bombshell has more of an orange tone to it and Venus is a little darker. Gossip girl looks very Pink on the swatch but when it applies to the lips it comes up a lot lighter. Muse is probably my favourite out of all 4, but I will no doubt be mixing and matching the colours to custom make my own! The swatches look totally different to what I have seen on other people but I still love the colours.


The only thing really ‘bothering’ me is that I couldn’t get any decent swatches without them looking streaky. I spent a good half an hour trying and it just wasn’t happening. So I present to you – more streaky swatches!


They don’t apply streaky on the lips, just the swatches came up like this.




I love the way these liquid lipsticks have been packed. They are uniform with Huda’s lash line and have to admit look super cute.

The actual tube is a frosted clear bottle and it feels quite heavy. It is filled with lots of product! In comparison to brands such as Jeffree Star this packaging is more luxe high end. You can see Huda Beauty has put a lot of effort into it – the letters ‘Huda Beauty’ are cased in metallic Pink and each box has all of her social media details which gives it a nice touch.


I could’t wait to try these out and so I did! I had the product on for about 8 hours and ate in between. I did find that the colour did transfer slightly and the formula felt tacky on me. The colour stayed on throughout and only faded mostly in the centre of my lips.


The price point for this product is spot on and what I would expect to pay for a liquid lipstick. The formula didn’t blow me away – but when you become a lipstick connoseiur you develop a knack for knowing what’s good and what isn’t. I am not entirely fussy but I probably expected a lot more since people had ‘raved’ about the formula so much. There are a lot of bloggers out there who will never give a bad review – I always give an HONEST one. I love the packaging, the concept is super cute but you can buy better formulas from other companies (Dose of Color, Kylie Cosmetics to name a few) Naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. This formula is not drying at all though. Strange for a matte lip but I actually liked how it felt on minus the sticky feeling. I am not a fan of sticky liquid lipsticks and this did bother me a little, but the longer the lipstick was on, the less tackier it felt if that makes sense? It felt very light on though and creamy. I wouldn’t say it’s a drying liquid lipstick – more so moisturising. It’s different to any other formula I’ve tried before. If you want to try a matte liquid lipstick but hate the dryness it has, try this formula.

In comparison to other brands:

  • ABH is much drier and patchy
  • Kylie Cosmetics is even drier but lightweight
  • ABH and Kylie is more pigmented
  • Huda Beauty is quite patchy
  • Huda Beauty transfers more
  • Huda Beauty has the strongest scent
  • JSC is much patchier and heavier in formula


Now this lipstick has a very very strong coconut/vanilla scent to it which many girls have found over bearing. If your not a fan of coconut, this probably isn’t for you. The scent did not put me off, but it did for others. It can be sickly sweet. When I was swatching this on my arm I did have to wipe of off quite quick as the smell was over bearing, but once you have applied the product to your lips, it disappears.

Should I Buy It?

I would say buy one at least, just to try. If anything judge for yourself. I really like Huda’s concept with the packaging and I know it’s another liquid lipstick.. Seems like everyone is bringing it out these days – but you wont know what you like and what you don’t until you try different brands. If you are super sceptical and you live in London – it is probably worth popping to Harrods to try these out before you buy them. Alternatively, you can purchase these right here from Cult Beauty.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Did you pick up any from the collection? Let me know your thoughts below! XO





  1. xkass
    August 27, 2016 / 1:07 am

    This is exactly how I feel about them ha ha I have also tried to take so many arm swatches, I don’t understand how they look so patchy on the skin but not the lips! Great review and lovely pictures xo

    • August 27, 2016 / 6:51 am

      Thank you Hun! It was so hard to take the pictures for the swatches. They all looked streaky and in the end I had to settle for this. Looking forward to reading your review too xx

  2. August 28, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    Love the packaging! I think I need to try these out myself, heard so much about them! great review btw!! x

    • August 28, 2016 / 6:52 pm

      Thank you doll! Yes you should try it for yourself and see. The formula is quite tacky but you just need to line it heavily underneathe with lip liner before applying the lipstick xo

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