Real Techniques Bold Metals Diamond Sponge

Hi Loves!

I picked up the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Diamond sponge a couple of weeks ago to try. As if I needed another one right? Yes, I did need this.. It’s marble! I couldn’t resist. Marble is every bloggers dream come true.


I searched 4 different Boots stores to find the sponge with the most marble in it. A little extreme yes, but I wanted the most prettiest sponge.


What Makes This Sponge Different?

Each angle and corner of this sponge is designed to work the contours of your face. It quite clever that one sponge does it all.

  • The top part buffs and blends
  • The top corners work around the eyes and mouth
  • The centre of the sponge can be used to apply makeup to larger areas of the face (cheeks/highlight)
  • The pointed tip covers imperfections and blemishes, can also be used under the eye




The sponge comes packed in chic metallic packaging with instructions on the reverse on how to use the sponge.



If your a beginner, this can seem quite technical. I promise you it isn’t. I am so set in my ways and love my Beauty Blender, but after using this sponge, I didn’t look back. I was fast converted! One sponge does it all. The pointed tip is perfect to conceal under the eyes.

The sponge size is easy to work with and I find it takes less time to blend my makeup because it’s large. Foundation coverage can take me less than a minute to apply and baking under the eyes is a dream because the bottom corner covers all my under eye in one go.


Price Point

This is cheaper and bigger than the Beauty Blender, and so it does more. I feel for Β£12 this is better value for money. The downside is that for Real Techniques as a brand, this is quite expensive. People like myself will pay the price, but there will be a small minority who will find this over priced. When this first came out, people were talking about the price and how it is rather dear. I did agree to begin with – but now that I have been using it in full swing for a couple of weeks, I think it’s worth every penny.


Is It Worth It?

I do feel this sponge is a good investment for all you makeup junkies out there. It’s a bit much for a beginner to pay, but if you are serious about makeup, I’d say this is a strong contender with the Original Beauty Blender. I have already purchased my third sponge because I don’t want to run out! One negative I found is that there is not enough marble swirling in the actual sponges they are selling in Boots compared to those in the promotional pictures. The promo shots look amazing and full of marble and swirls. I challenge you to find one just like that in store. It’s impossible. Being the blogger I am though – I die for marble!


I have used and washed this sponge many times and find that baby shampoo cleans the sponge sufficiently. My only qualm is that I had to give my sponge a deep clean around 3 times for it to be restored back to its natural colour. I am quite OCD and clean my sponge straight after use so that it does not stain. After the deep clean was completed, I didn’t find any staining on the sponge.



Have you picked yours up yet? It’s available to order online right here or available in store at Boots.



23 thoughts on “Real Techniques Bold Metals Diamond Sponge

  1. Lee-Ann de Leca says:

    Hi there! This is a great post and went into great detail about the sponge. My sponge collection has grown recently but I have not bought this one yet. It does look good though, especially with that marble effect going on.Those brushes you have look very sexy to! x

    Liked by 1 person

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