You’re SO Blogger Darling

As the title suggests, if you carry these traits, your SO blogger darling!


1) You own everything marble. Don’t act like you haven’t been there. Shopping with your friends and you spot it in the corner of your eye. ‘OMG it’s marble – I need!!’ I’ve done it on many occasions.

2) H&M home is saved in your favourites. Are you constantly checking for the latest pieces? Yep me too..

3) Primark is your second home. I was once the Primark snob who now LOVES Primark. Homeware, beauty.. I hear you calling my name!

4) Planning your blog posts months in advance. ‘I haven’t bought this item yet, but I will be and I’ll be blogging about it soon’ *writes wishlists down quickly*

5) PR emails gives you butterflies. ‘Who me?! Yes please!’


How many can you relate to?!



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