Kylie Cosmetics | KYSHADOW Review & Swatches


My long awaited review on this palette is finally up! I was dying to try this for so long since I own most of Kylie’s line. I didn’t get it the first three times she stocked this, and fourth time lucky! As usual, I was hit with a lovely customs charge, and my palette arrived two and a half weeks later. It was quite difficult getting this palette when it first launched as it sold out in 2 minutes, but I think it’s safe to say the Kylie hype has started to die down now and there is more stock available.



The colours chosen in this palette reflect Kylie’s day to day look – simple and neutral. I think the colour choice is a good one to begin with (she is releasing another one soon) and the colours can transition from day to night. I’m a sucker for neutrals and most of these colours are ones I wear which is why I really wanted to get my hands on it. The Bronze Kyshadow palette comes with 9 creamy pigmented shades. These are perfect for creating a contoured look on the eye or to add extra dimension with lots of shading. I do love the orange tones for blending into the crease and have created some great looks with it already.







I didn’t experience any fall out with this and the formula is very similar to Becca’s creamy one. The eyeshadows do feel very soft on and the actual texture of each pen feels very good. They do not apply chalky but rather pigmented. I was surprised at the colour pay off because it is quite intense – looks like Kylie has put a lot of effort into these!


I didn’t have any creasing with these and they lasted a whole working day without any issues. These colours are long lasting.


Price Tag

It’s not worth the $42 price tag, along with the $14.95 shipping and customs. After all this was taken into consideration, I ended up paying a little over Β£50 for this one palette. I could have bought a Tom Ford one for an extra Β£10 or so! It comes with a hefty price tag, but unfortunately shipping and customs on these items is something you just have to expect.


Is It Worth It and Do I Need It?

The price tag isn’t worth it, but the eyeshadows are good quality and long lasting. You can find so many dupes for this palette, so if your not willing to wait a while for delivery and don’t like ordering from America – you can probably make your own Kyshadow palette! I would have expected the pans to be bigger and quality of the packaging to be more luxe. The metallic finishes are suppose to give the sleeve that ‘extra’ touch’ but I think it feels quite cheap.

You can buy the palette right here (when it’s back in stock!) Did you get your hands on this? What did you think?



8 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics | KYSHADOW Review & Swatches

  1. Amina says:

    Love the colours in the pallette and good to hear that they are good quality. But like you said I would rather buy a Tom Ford one! I’d like to try out her lipkits though. She has some lovely colours xx

    Amina xx

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