My Marble Delights

If your a blogger then you’ll understand how serious the marble addiction is. I know I’ve mentioned Primark quite a lot over the course of the last few weeks – their marble game is strong! They recently bought out homeware and stationary dedicated to this and of course I searched high and low.


What I Got

  • Marble Mug, £2.00
  • Marble Notebook, £2.50
  • Marble Notepad, £3.00
  • Marble Clip Set, £3.00
  • Mini Plants, £2.50 each


How Will I Use This?

Blog props of course! On a serious note, I will use the notebook/notepad to jot ideas and wishlists. I’ll be storing my brushes in the mug.

My Top Tips To Bag Your Goods

  • Keep an out on Primark’s Instagram page – they upload ALL the new things as they get them
  • Go to a flagship store to buy your items. They will have everything in stock
  • If you like it, just buy it. With Primark, once it’s gone, it’s gone
  • If you love it that much, buy two because you don’t know if they will get them back again!I hope you enjoyed my post.Let me know what goodies you bagged from Primark!




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