Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid Lipsticks are all the rage these days. People hardly wear the good old fashioned lipstick anymore. There are so many companies coming out with their own lines of matte lips and if your new to this, it can be quite confusing.


Fear not, I am going to run through my Top 5! I like to refer to myself as a lipstick connoisseur – purely down to the amount I own and all the formulas I have tried. So I like to think I know a thing or two about them.

Here is my quick run down of my Top 5 and reasons why I love them:

Kylie Cosmetics

I can’t write a post about this and not mention Kylie now, can I? One of my all time top rated formulas for the nude shades. The texture is weightless, the colours are spot on and most of all it is long lasting. You can read my full detailed review right here on why I love them so much.

Dose of Colors

The pigmentation on these liquid lipsticks is unreal. It feels slightly heavier on compared to Kylie, but it is a non flaking, non drying formula. This is also a winner for me because it’s paraben free. I really like the texture of these too.


This formula is lighter compared to DOC and a little runnier. You do really need to prep your lips before wearing this product, but it’s long last lasting. I also suggest wearing a lip liner under the lips to line so enhance the colour and longevity. This formula is perfect for mixing shades.


Liquid suede is highly pigmented, long lasting and has a range of vibrant colours. The price point is very reasonable and really love how these feel on.


There are a variety of colours to choose from. The formula is runny compared to the above mentioned, but the colour does not budge. Especially the darker and brighter shades.


L-R: NYX Tea & Cookies, Kylie Koko, Limecrime Cashmere, DOC Truffle, ABH Milkshake.

*Tip, apply a coat of Lipcoate over your liquid lipsticks to make them last all day!

What are your favourite matte lipstick formulas?



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