How To Shop The January Sales

Us Brits love a good sale. When we see prices marked down we scurry to our nearest stores in search of the perfect bargain. I am guilty of it every year. This year I plan to be super organised, so I have compiled a checklist of things to do for when sale seasons starts!


1) Make a List

I usually spend the months leading up to Christmas compiling a list of items I really want and hope go into the sale. If you know what your looking for, it will make it much easier when searching in store or online.

2) Choose Your Department

Mine is obviously beauty – that’s what I always go straight for. But for some of you reading, it may be clothes, shoes or a new handbag. Either way this list will apply to all departments.

3) Online or In Store?

That dreaded decision – do you brave the cold and the rush, or do you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home? I know which one I prefer. Online shopping all the way! That being said, you may find even further marked down items in store, so it is worth making at least one visit.

4) Check The Dates

Find out the day the sale starts at your favourite store or online shop and start stalking straight away. In recent years, some retailers have even started early and launch their sales on Christmas day! So it’s best to keep an eye on your emails and social media for any updates.


5) Shop The First Day

This is to avoid disappointment before all the good stuff is gone. The first day will have all the stock displayed and online, but you need to be quick because sizes go fast.


6) The Best Beauty Sales

I have become an expert at this (or so I like to think) In my opinion, the best places to check out any beauty bargains are the following retailers:

  • Harrods (Perfume)
  • Selfridges (Gift Sets)
  • Boots (Christmas Gift sets)

Companies will be looking to get rid of last season’s stock and making way for 2017!

How organised do you feel after reading this and what will you be buying?

Happy Shopping!