Winter Hair Care for CURLY girls with Kiehls

Curly haired girls have all the problems – and believe me I know. My hair is like a bush at the best of times. How do I tame it in the cold Winter months? Kiehls of course!


I am loving their Amino Acid collection which includes their most loved shampoo and conditioner. These two together give the silkiest feeling ever and if like me you love coconut – you will LOVE this! Since I tried this last year, I am hooked and refuse to use anything else.

Defined curls really are a thing for me. Believe me, I don’t fancy a frizz fest for a barnet. By using the two together, ensures my curls are good to go.


How To Use

Now, I am very specific about how I wash and dry my hair (drying isn’t really a thing for me usually) I start off by using a 50p sized amount of shampoo and lathering it into my hair. I leave this in for about 2 minutes before rinsing it out. I then go in with the conditioner and do the same and leave it in for a further 2 minutes.

Once this is complete I ever so gently towel dry my hair making sure not to cause any frizz and then go in with the Soothing Oil Infused Leave in Concentrate. I use the smallest amount to style my hair and I’m good to go. I would say again, around a 50p coin size is adequate. If you over compensate on this product – it will make your hair look greasy.


The oil is a nourishing treatment – it works best with damp hair on curly girls. Active ingredients like Argan and Babassu oil actively work to restore shine. It’s a winner for me!




Products Featured

  • Amino Acid Shampoo
  • Amino Acid Conditioner
  • Soothing Oil Infused Leave in Concentrate

These are all available to purchase right here.

Have you tried any of these?


*This post contains PR samples. All views are my own.



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