Drugstore Highlighters | Glow Up!

One of my favourite posts to write about is highlighters! Time and time again you would have seen my glow posts – there are so many on the market right now. A lot of the higher end ones can sometimes be too much money. Yes, believe me, I’ve been there and spent £65+ on a single compact (!!)

Drugstore is the way forward. There are so many palettes out now which are just as good if not better than higher priced items.

Some of these products mentioned below you would have already seen me talk about in a single post, but today, I am talking about the best drugstore highlighters collectively on the market which are affordable and really do the job well.

I’ll be honest, these days I’m much more inclined to spend £10 on a highlighter palette than £60.

So let’s kick it off…


1. Makeup Revolution Pro Glow Palette


8 shades which can be mixed or used separately – the glow on these is insane and each colour is highly pigmented. This has a lot of peachy undertones to it and the colours compliment my skin really well. My favourite way to use this is by applying a generous amount of fix plus to my face followed by layers and layers of highlight. I like to mix the colours together too. I mentioned this palette right here in my last drugstore haul.

2. Makeup Obsessesion Palette


This quirky palette was custom designed by me. What I love about this range is you can pick the shades you want in the palette and the easy clip in/clip out technique means you can change your colour palette to suit your style/mood. Read my full review right here.

3. MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powder | Gold


This gold highlighting powder reminds me of summer nights and lots of tan. This looks amazing against tanned skin and I just know I’ll be using this every day when the weather gets better.

4. Sleek Highlighter Solstice


Baked highlighters are LIFE! This palette reminds me of whimsical summer days, unicorns and general pinkness. There are lots of Purple and Pink undertones to this palette which are perfect for your creative looks and even more so better for a blinding inner corner highlight. I mentioned this as one of my Top 10 Drugstore favourites right here.

5. NYX Strobe Palette


Slightly pricier than all the other products mentioned – but nonetheless these are FAB! I like to compare and have dupes for review purposes and I found this palette strikingly similar to the MUR Pro Glow. It’s double the price – but this has more of a sheen formula. You can read my full review right here.

So there we have it guys – my top drugstore highlighters.

Do you own any of these?



24 thoughts on “Drugstore Highlighters | Glow Up!

  1. kasie says:

    Love the NYX one and also the sleek! was really gutted the new sleek palette wasnt the same as the old one. If i didnt have so many already I would have got the MUR one. Great post lovely xoxox


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