Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter

Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter Flatlay

Anything to do with glow usually peaks my interest, so when I saw these highlighters floating around on Instagram, I just had to get hands on it. One casual stroll at the weekend and I found them at my second local. Needless to say, I picked up handfuls. They weren’t all for me, I made sure to pick up some for my fellow glow addicts Kasie and Vicky, as well as back ups for myself!

Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighters

I purchased 2 shades, Rose Prosceco and Champagne. There are another 2 shades which have newly been released but I can’t find them anywhere!


Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter Swatches

Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter Swatches 2

Can we just take a moment to view all the dimensions of this perfectly crafted highlighter?! Rose Prosseco has a ting of duo chrome feels to it – especially when drenched in Fix Plus.

Champagne gives me all the gold feels – it’s very dimensional and intense. I am not ashamed to say I have applied this all over my face (and body) I want to glow all Summer long!

Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter Champagne 2


For Β£3, this is not powdery at all. It’s just like BUTTER. Yes really. You can see from my swatches these are just effortless. I’m really surprised and shocked to be honest. I know Primark quality has gotten better over the years, but they’ve just hit it on the nail with this highlighter formula.


Rose Prosceco


For Β£3 (yes, you read that right) these can be all yours. Sadly Primark do not offer online services so you will need to scour all your local stores to find these. But hurry, be quick. The whole of Instagram is on the hunt for these! Happy shopping!

Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter Flatlay 2

Have you managed to pick up these beauties yet?



27 thoughts on “Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighter

  1. Kasie says:

    Thank you so much for getting me these!! You always help me out ha ha. I haven’t even used them yet I have only swatched them, they are so pretty, only thing I wish is that the pink one wasn’t so pink and was more wearable. Great post and pics Hun! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gemma says:

    They’re so pretty it I’ve read some reviews showing awful hardpan which has put me off but I know I’ll give in eventually xxx beautiful photos as ever

    Liked by 1 person

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