Matte Liquid Lipsticks vs Gloss

Are you a matte or a gloss girl? I am in between and this mainly depends on my mood, my look and my overall feeling!

Mattes are perfect for Summer when your lips aren’t dried out by the central heating or cold days. Glosses are hydrating and moisturising and give the look of plumper lips.

So let’s put it to the test and see which one you are!

You know you’re a GLOSS girl when…

  • You own every Lancome Juicy Lip Shaker
  • You’re glosses have their own draw
  • You have a different gloss for every day of the week
  • You are not lazy and apply several coats
  • You love to keep topping up your sheen every couple of hours
  • You often wear your hair up
  • You hate feathering on the lips

You know you’re a MATTE lip girl when..

  • You own Kylie’s entire lip kit line
  • You have every shade from the popular american brand
  • You love to overline your lips
  • You love to draw a cupid’s arrow when applying
  • You are too lazy and only apply one coat
  • You love kissing
  • The whole collection comes on holiday with you
  • You want the colour to stay put

Liquid Lipstick vs Gloss

So, which one did you get? I hope you enjoyed the mini quiz!



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