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Makeup Sponges Storage Solutions

All the makeup addicts and junkies will have the same issue – storage! My room is brimming with makeup products everywhere and I am always trying to find the best solutions to store my things in – taking up minimum space. A popular topic is always makeup sponges. How do you store them?! 

I always find the best places to look on for any inspiration is usually Pinterest. Lately I’ve been playing around with a few ideas which have really worked for me and I wanted to share them with you.

The Cookie Jar

Makeup Sponge Storage

Makeup Sponge Storage (2)

Yes, I know what your all thinking, I’m crazy. It really works though and it looks SO pretty! At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably need another one to store mine in!

Doesn’t it look good?


Beauty Blender

I picked up this really cute heart shaped bowl in Wilkinson and it immediately sprung to me – this would be perfect for my makeup sponges! I store the ones I regulary use, or I tend to leave the dirty ones that need washing in there.

Two very different ideas which I never would have thought worked but do!

What’s your favourite way to store makeup sponges?