Miss Gorgeous I am NOT Lipstick Cosmetic Applicator

Miss Gorgeous

Every so often I will get sent something that’s so weird and wonderful I just have to feature it. This was the case with this Miss Gorgeous I am NOT Lipstick Cosmetic Applicator.

Miss Gorgeous (2)

It’s quite clear when you first lay eyes on this, it looks just like a lipstick. It’s not. It’s a cosmetic sponge which can be used for applying, blending and layering makeup. It’s a fun take on makeup sponges and it’s designed to specifically target certain points. I would not use this for blending foundation, the sponge isn’t big enough. It’s great for blending concealer under eyes, on the eyelids and even creating an ombre effect on the lips with. If you want precise application, this is what to use. The great thing about sponges is that they have multi uses and just because this is so thin, it really doesn’t restrict how you use it!

Miss Gorgeous (3)

The actual sponge is quite small. You can carry this around in your makeup bag for daily touch ups and it will also double up as an eyeshadow applicator. Moreso for blending and even under eye smoke outs. The perfect travel companion, because let’s be honest, with the sporadic heat waves we’ve been having recently, this will come in handy!

Miss Gorgeous (5)

It has a thin, lightweight design which makes it easy to use and carry around and it does come with a lid so you can be sure that your applicator is hygienically clean at all times.

Miss Gorgeous (6)

Miss Gorgeous (8)

The twist effect on the applicator means the sponge is protected from any dirt or grime. The applicator works best with creamy products and if you need to focus on omitting a spot, this will give you precise application with the thin rounded tip.

Miss Gorgeous (9)

It’s a great little sponge to carry around and it looks so pretty!

Miss Gorgeous

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