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What's In My Makeup Bag with ASOS Beauty

It’s no secret I love makeup (d’uh) and with so many new releases my collection is constantly in rotation. There’s a few products which I am seriously digging RN and I just had to share because I feel a Summer Lookbook for your makeup is just as important as a new Summer wardrobe! So, what am I currently coveting? SO much.

Nars Highlighting Palette (3)

Nars Bord de Plage Highlighter

Can we just appreciate this beauty? Obvs anything limited edition is like holy grail for a makeup addict. In the form of a highlighting palette – so much yes!! Ok, so a few reasons why I think this palette is BAE – there’s a mix of highlighters, bronzers all of which can be doubled up as blushers and contour shades. For all the lazy girls out there, this has it all really and we all know weekday makeup takes less than half the time of weekend makeup. Next up is the dreamy packaging, it is housed in tortoise type design and it looks incredibly luxe. The Nars formula never fails me, these shades are long lasting, pigmented and they pack a subtle yet effective punch. The highlighters are water activated designed to give a ‘universal’ glow. I’m pleased to report my gorgeous palette no longer looks like this. It’s been used to death! Currently the only face palette I am reaching for!

There are 6 shades in total – 4 of which are water activated highlighter shades and two diffusing bronzer shades. When used together, the bronzer and highligter act as a ‘second skin’ luster which intensifies in colour when applied.

Nars Highlighting Palette (7)

These colours perfectly compliment a tan. I am so tan RN and loving this! I love that this palette is made in Italy too, I mean anything that comes out of that country is pure perfection right? The quality of makeup made there, isn’t comparible. The textures and formulas always feel luxe and that is certainly the case here.

The palette contains 6 x 3g shades and is pretty much workable with all skin tones and complexions. Wanna look sun kissed? Grab this palette!

The 6 shades included are Rivage, Corniche, Crique, Galet, Laguna and Casino.


Nars Highlighting Palette (16)

Nars Highlighting Palette (21)

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Pixi Skincare (14)

Everyone has been raving about this mist and I decided to try it out for myself and see if it really works. I have the most oiliest skin on the planet, and when you combine this with Summer time heat, my makeup literally melts away! Well, fellow makeup addicts, I am pleased to report this shiz actually works and holds my makeup in place all day. This is a lightweight liquid formula which is designed to be sprayed lightly all over the face before and after makeup, prolongs the wear. The Green Tea and Rose Water act to balance and protect the face, leaving a soft dewy finish and it smells incredible. The easy to use pump action ensures the perfect amount of product is released and the natural ingredients in the mist are so good for your face. It feels so hydrating when you spray the mist on and I like that it doesn’t settle into any fine lines – it simply acts as a barrier to protect the makeup. There’s a lot of natural ingredients formulated into this mist which freshen and balance the skin. This gets a 10/10 from me. I think it’s brilliant for Summer!

Tangle Teezer Hello Kitty Compact Styler Brush

Tangle Teezer Hello Kitty

I have the most curliest of hair and it gets really frizzy in the heat. It also tangles easy too, so this cute Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer is just what I need. I keep it in my bag and it’s perfect for travelling too. I always gravitate towards anything Pink (typical girl) but when it has Hello Kitty, I’m all over it! It’s like an obsession that won’t ever go away.

Ciate Glow To Highligher

Ciate Glow-To Highlighter (3)

Yes ladies, another highlighter. If you want to glow and sparkle with a hot tan, the best way to do is by layering your highlight! I am loving this as an all over topper over the Nars Palette as well as over the collarbone. It seriously rocks and you will see why!

I made a rookie mistake (again) and dived right in and swatched this before taking my blog photos. What can  I say? Excitement took over!

How cute is the star imprimnt design inside!

Ciate Glow-To Highlighter (9)

Ciate Glow-To Highlighter (8)

The first highlighter of it’s kind from Ciate and it’s not hard to see why these have been a total sell out. They are shimmery, shiny, glowy and leave a ‘wet’ look type of finish. The packaging is TDF!

I’m loving ASOS Beauty so much right now! Let me know what your latest ASOS purchases are!


*This post contains PR samples. All views are my own. Please read my disclaimer for further information.