Skincare Rules to Live By

If like me, you love to wear makeup, it’s so important to have a smooth canvas to work on. Wearing makeup is fun, but looking after your skin is so much more important. If you want to slow down the ageing process, a skincare routine is a must!

Garnier Cleansing Face Wash

I meet so many people surprisingly who DON’T have a skincare routine or don’t know how to look after their skin. Shock horror I know, but a lot of people aren’t bothered by this, yet it bothers me greatly! If you want to maintain great skin and look young, these are my skincare rules to live by. If by chance you’re reading this and you are looking to get into a routine, then please do it!


  • Drink water everyday
  • Follow a daily skincare routine twice a day (morning and evening)
  • Avoid oily food, it can cause outbreaks
  • Don’t eat too much chocolate. Have it in moderation!
  • Keep your diet clean and incorporate lots of salads and vegetables
  • Use skincare that contains naturally active ingredients
  • You don’t have to stick to the same brand – mix it up
  • Re-evaluate your skincare every six months
  • Always double cleanse when removing heavy makeup
  • Keep your skincare away from sunlight
  • Store your products in the fridge for an instant cooling effect!

Alpha H Skincare (7)

It’s not hard to do, and these are rules we can easily stick to. As your skin ages, you become more sensitive and naturally there’s things you will avoid doing to maintain great skin.

Pixi Skincare (13)

What’s your favourite skincare tip?



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