Iconic London Pro Evo Brushes

Following on from my Iconic Highlighter post, I now have these delightful Rose Gold Pro Evo brushes to review! These are totally blogger and right up my street because I am just obsessed with this colour combination.

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Makeup brushes are a very important tool to have, because if the product is not applied properly, your final look will not be on point. We are living in an age where anything is possible these days, and these egg shaped makeup brushes are no exception. But how do they perform? Pretty brushes are always a must have but if they don’t blend or apply the makeup well, there’s no point right?

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This is my first time ever using a brush of this shape and I am pleased to report I’m obsessed!

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There are a few ways to use BOTH these brushes for sure and they are designed for multi use:

  • Use to apply foundation
  • Use to contour
  • Use to bronze
  • Use for powder
  • Use to apply blusher
  • Use all over the body
  • Use for blending
  • Use for applying moisturiser
  • Use for applying primer
  • Use to highlight
  • Use to blend in blusher

Pro Evo Buffer Brush

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This totally lightweight egg shape brush actually blends so well. I was a little sceptical about using it all over my face because I wasn’t sure how it would reach every corner, but it was fine. It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and it makes a very enjoyable blending experience for me. It could be because there are 400.000 velvet like synthetic fibres in this brush and it feels smooth. Oh so smooth! My foundation blended effortlessly and I love the silky finish it gives me.

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I loved how the bristles worked against the contours of my face and gave me a deep blend – there were no visible marks and I didn’t need to go over the blending either. Lazy weekday girls, this one is for you! It blends in no time!

Pro Evo Sculpt Brush

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Next up we have the sculpting brush, this has been designed in the exact same way as the Buffer Brush. It has the same qualities but the only difference is this is designed for contouring, highlighting and blush. The bristles work well in blending the colours effectively and leave a soft finish. There are no harsh lines and it blends the product very easily.

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Both brushes are vegan friendly and cruelty free for those who are interested.

Yes, they look absolutely stunning, but I am glad to report they do the job too and they are probably on par with being one of the prettiest brushes I own. I’ve been using these everyday since I’ve had them and if you want a quick finish, I suggest making a purchase.

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Iconic London Pro Evo Brushes (36)

The brushes are quite dense and they don’t absorb any product which is a plus for me. I was worried about the cleaning them because I didn’t want to ruin them, but the whole process was fine.

I will suggest carefully using a brush cleaning mat and drying them bristle side down on a towel. Due to the thousands of bristles, these will need a full 24 hours to dry, but this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

So, if you LOVE Rose Gold and you’re an Instagram freak like me, who also happens to be obsessed with makeup, these are a must have!

You can buy these right here.


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