Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip

Happy New Year makeup lovers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break! I sure did and I am already rearing to go with lots of makeup newness for 2018. My first post of the year kicks off with the fabulous brand that is Pixi. I make no secret that this is my all time favourite brand, I use all of their skincare and now I am pleased to report I’ve finally ventured out and been using their lip products.

Pixi very kindly sent me 5 of their MatteLast Liquid Lips along with some Rose Caviar and Rose Flash Balm. I did actually scream with excitement as I have championed this brand for a while and the packaging was simply absurd. In a good way of course. This was the story book of my dreams in makeup form.

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (4)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (1)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (2)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (9)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (16)

The book opens to reveal the key to glowing skin and the next page contains 5 MatteLast shades. I’ve reviewed the Rose Caviar Essence in full which can be found here. This is my go to serum. I love to use this during the day and evening and it really does leave my skin glowing! The Rose Flash Balm is another firm staple and I shall be reviewing it separately for you as I haven’t written about it on the blog yet.

MattLast Liquid Lip

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (15)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (13)

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip (3)

Pixi Beauty (27)

I was a complete stranger to Pixi makeup, until very recently. I love using their Copper Peach palette everyday and now I can add the liquid lipsticks to my list. The first thing that struck me was the shades. As you know, I love my Nudes, they are wearable and flattering, so when I saw there was in fact Nude shades for me to try, I was very happy. There are 5 colours in total as follows:

  • Au Naturelle (Peach Nude)
  • Matte Beige (Warm toned Beige)
  • Pastel Petal (Cool Toned Beige)
  • Really Rose (Medium Mauve)
  • Evening Rose (Deep Mauve)

The swatches look darker on my arm, but when worn on my lips, don’t translate to this colour. They did come up a tad lighter on my lips but this is totally fine with me, because the shades worked really well with the warmth of my skin tone. I generally find how products swatch on your arm, always looks different when on the face anyway. As soon as I applied the colour to my lips, I knew I loved it and although this is quite a bold claim to make, let me tell you why.

The Applicator

I have used hundreds of liquid lipsticks and I can quite honestly say nothing compares to the feeling of applying this. It’s really like no other I’ve tried and I’m in love with the Petal style doe foot applicator. This allows you to evenly apply the colour all over without streaking. You know how some applicators feel cheap? This one doesn’t, and because it is so effective you don’t even need to apply lip liner before hand to line the lips. The applicator itself is enough to plump, smooth and moisturise. Yes, it really does do that all in one.


I wear makeup all day long and lipsticks stay on from morning until evening on me, with little to one touch ups at maximum. I touched up my lips once a day when wearing and testing all these shades, and this was after lunch. There was no stickiness and my lips felt hydrated and moisturised all day long. This is because it’s infused with Rosehip oil and although it leaves a matte finish, there is no visible flaking or peeling.

Shade Selection

I feel that the shades are all very universal and really will be suitable for any skin tone. You can wear these colours alone or mix them to create your own custom colour and they won’t dry the lips. When removing the colour at the end of the day, I found no visible staining and it came off easily using Garnier Micellar Water or Cucumber wipes.


Pixi MattLast Liquid Lip gets a big thumbs up from me. I’m pleased with the quality and formulation of this product and can quite confidently say I’m converted to their makeup too. Pixi is worth the hype and let me tell you why – the skincare and cosmetics are formulated in a natural way, they are good for the skin and all contain active ingredients. They’re a cruelty free brand who don’t use parabens in their products and I know this is a big deal for a lot of people who are quite conscious about who they buy from.

MatteLast Liquid Lip is priced at a modest £16 each and is worth every penny. You can buy yours right here.


*PR sample. All views are my own.