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Sigma Dry N Shape Tower

Cleaning my makeup brushes on a weekly basis is quite the task for me as I have SO many I need to get through and clean. My main issue was how to try my brushes. Leaving them to dry on a towel just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. That is of course until the Sigma Dry N Shape Tower came into my life. Then it all changed!

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (10)

It looks like quite the gadget, but let me tell you, it makes my brush cleaning life so much easier! This, my friends, is a tower made from plastic and rubber which holds 44 brushes – 24 for the eye and 20 for the face. It is essentially a drying stand (as you would dry your clothes) but for your brushes! Now it’s quite clever because whilst drying your brushes, it is designed to shape them back to normal which is so clever. This also means you don’t need to manually shape them (as I was previously having to do)

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (2)

It’s not hugely massive, but it does take up a lot of room, which is why you can just dismantle it each time after using. It comes apart quite easily and it so easy to use.

This is how you will find it packed in the box:

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (3)

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (4)

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (5)

It comes with simple and clear instructions on how to assemble the tower together, and honestly, it hardly takes any time at all:

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (2)

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (7)


Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (14)

There you have it. So simple and easy to put together, and I really think this little device is worth it if you have a lot of brushes to wash on a weekly basis.

Here’s how the tower looks complete when drying my brushes:

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (11)

Sigma Dry N Shape Tower (12)

I’m really impressed with this and I love the fact that the rubber grips keep my brushes on tight hold. If you’re looking for a new way to dry your brushes, I highly recommend this tower. Brush cleaning can be the most annoying task us makeup addicts and makeup artists have to carry out. I’m glad we have these innovative ways to dry them!

The Dry N Shape Tower retails for £42 and I think it’s worth every penny.


*PR sample. All views are my own.