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Brand Focus: Lash Unlimited

I can’t live without lashes in my makeup routine and I was very excited to be contacted by Lash Unlimited to try some of their lashes. This is a new brand that I’ve not tried before, so let me tell you a little bit about them. They’re a fairly new brand to the market and the main focus is price – offering their products at a price that everyone can afford. They offer high quality lashes – double layered and single and if you’re a qualified Makeup Artist, you can shop with 35% off your purchases.


I chose 5 lashes from their range and this first thing that struck me was how lightweight they are. I could hardly feel them on and they weren’t weighty in length nor did they irritate my lash line when applied. These are contact lens friendly, they don’t irritate my eyes either and I just love how they give that non lash feeling. As I mentioned, they’re so lightweight. If you’re having one of those days, where you really can’t be bothered to get glam but still want to wear lashes – this brand is perfect! Also perfect for tired eyes, because again, you can hardly feel them on.


As always, I use my beloved Duo Glue to apply because it’s the only long lasting glue I’ve ever used in my life! This ensures my lashes stay on 10+ hours. I tend to gravitate towards the wispy style of lashes, and those that are double layered. I also prefer the styles that elongate towards the end of the lash as they make the eyes appear bigger in my opinion. My eyes are quite small, and I love to give that big cat eye effect.

Out of all the lashes, the Doublelicious are probably my favourite, because you know, I can’t resist that dramatic look!



The two styles which elongate towards the end are these:



They are very easy to wear and hardly take any time or effort to apply.

A Closer Look…






As you can see the double layered lashes DBL #4 and DBL #1 would be perfect for nights out to add that dramatic touch. Me being me, well, I’d wear these in the day too! Comfort wise, I’m quite happy with how they sit. They don’t irritate or scratch. Lashes #7 and #11 are so light that they can actually be layered with other lashes to create a customised look. That is how I’ve been utilising mine.


Here’s how DBL#4 looked on me:

This is another great lash brand I’ve discovered on my journey and all these styles are available to buy online right now.

Have you tried anything from this brand before?


*PR sample. All views are my own.