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Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss

I am loving glosses at the moment and a new brand I have recently discovered is Lipstick Queen. They have a new collection out which is aptly called ‘Reign & Shine’ and judging by the very colourful shade names, they match the brand and the name of the collection very well.

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (1)

The brand Lipstick Queen solely focuses on lip products and their luxury formulas are designed to be long lasting and moisturising. They have a product to suit every individual.

Reign & Shine

The latest collection to be released includes 6 very glamourous and wearable shades. If you are looking for plump shiny lips, then this is the product for you!

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (3)

I tried so hard to get a decent shot of the product and it’s packaging. This was the only one that made the cut and it still fell down! (cries) The tube comes packed in paper packaging which has a metallic gold finish filled with the colour of the lipstick. The cap is standard gold with the logo and it looks beautiful. Each tube costs £18 which might sound a little pricey for a lipgloss, but I can assure you, once you try it – it’s worth every penny.

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (8)


Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (7)

The colours I have shown above are simply delicious in my opinion. This is just one swipe and you can see how gorgeous and pigmented they are. I dob’t have a favourite because I love all three colours equally. They look delightfully pretty when applied on, and you can wear these alone to add a pop of colour to the lips.

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (6)

The applicator comes with the standard doefoot applicator style which is lip hugging and covers all the contour of the lips easily. The product is easy to apply and is as long lasting as you want it to be. As with any gloss, it wil require re-applying after a few hours wear and of course after eating. It is one my favourite formulas currently on rotation.

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (10)

Lipstick Queen Reign & Shine Lipgloss (4)

If you are on the market for a new gloss to try then give these a go. You will not be dissappointed. Lipstick Queen is available to buy online right now and I think you will love it!


*PR sample. All views are my own.