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Preparing for Black Friday

It’s not long now left until the big day is here and I wanted to give you all some tips on how to maximise The Black Friday Sale to your advantage. Every year in November, retailers take part in a huge week long sale with amazing offers and bargains for all the savvy shoppers. I am one of them as I like to plan well ahead and stay organised.

I’ve got a check list if you like, for everything you need to do or be clued up on for the sales. Let’s kick off…

Make a List

This is the most obvious point to note. Making a list will help you determine what you need so that when the sales do begin, you don’t get confused or overwhelmed. You will have emails pouring out at all angles. Don’t fall for the trap. One of the biggest mistakes we make as shoppers is, buying things we don’t need. We end up buying them for the sake of the sale. Don’t be that person!

Start Saving

I would advise to start saving your Black Friday hauls around June/July. This may seem like a long way off, but even by putting away a minimum of £30 per month will ensure a guilt free spend because it’s something you have been planning to save for, and best of all it won’t come as a shock to your bank balance. Everyone’s finances are different, do what you feel is best.

Credit Cards

I don’t encourage spending what you don’t have, so the pointer above about saving will help you ensure you don’t fall into the trap of sticking it on your credit card. At a push, if you must, make sure it’s interest free and you can afford to pay it back. I may be a shopaholic, but I really don’t encourage spending on credit and what you don’t have.

Wish List Items

If there’s an item you’ve been thinking about all year and really want to buy, then put it on your Black Friday wishlist. For me, it’s a FitBit. I’ve been wanting one for months now. I am holding out for for the sale so that I can grab a bargain!

Stock up on Skincare

This is a must for me. I love my skincare, I have a daily routine AM and PM, and my biggest fear is running out. I always make sure I stock up on my favourites at Liz Earle, Pixi and Kiehls. Skincare can be pricey too, so if there’s something you’ve been dying to try, Black Friday is the right time!

Christmas and Birthday Presents

For all you organised and savvy shoppers, this is the best time to start buying presents. Especially if you have a lot of people to buy for. I usually end up picking up stocking filler gifts and beauty products for the girls during this time. You are guaranteed to bag yourself a bargain – especially online with loads of beauty outlets such as Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have anything particular on your list this year!