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Red Cherry Lashes I’m Loving

Everyone knows much I love wearing false eyelashes. They’re a staple for me and whilst I have dabbled with the brand Red Cherry, I wanted to share a few styles which I am loving wearing at the moment.

I do talk about lashes quite a lot on the blog, and I love to feature all the brands I use. I look after my lashes very well since I wear them daily and my Red Cherry lashes can last me up to 50 wears. This sounds like a lot of wear, but keep in mind I am very careful with how I treat them. I think this is an incredible amount of wear for the price and I always store them in my lash case.


Style #43 Stevi

Stevi lashes are lightweight, fluttery and they elongate at the end of the eye – making them look bigger. This particular style of lash uses human hair for a more natural look. I always apply my lashes with a cotton bud applicator and use it apply the Duo glue to the lash band. I think this style is perfect for day and evening wear. Sometimes I just let my lashes do the talking and wear that alone without any eyeshadow for a more minimalistic look.


As much as I love the natural look, I also love to add a bit of drama to my lashes. The style Molly is perfect for doing this because it’s a full set of lashes that are wispy, adding layer and depth. The length increases at the end of the lashes which adds that volume and I just think they look so glamorous. This particular set has been handmade which gives that high end luxe feel.


This style is the most wow out of the whole lot. There’s double dimensions of which has a fade in between strips – still making them look subtle but with a bit of a glamour factor. This dip is designed to soften the look of the lashes so it doesn’t look too harsh, and I think it does a good job of doing so.

Red Cherry lashes can be purchased online and prices start from £3.99.


*PR sample. All views are my own.