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Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

Too Faced is one my favourite brands ever, and although I own lots of their palettes and powder based products, other than the lipsticks, I haven’t tried any of their liquid products before. I waited a while before I purchased this one because I really wanted to swatch the shades for myself. On the day of the Spectrum store launch, I popped into the Too Faced store in Carnaby Street and managed to try the shades. My intended use for this concealer was purely to highlight and conceal under my eyes, so I already had an idea in my head of what type of shade I wanted to opt for.


There’s 20 shades in the range and I tested out around 5 colours from the lighter selection on the back of my arm. Funnily, when I tried the shades out, they appeared much lighter in swatches. I ended up taking home the shade ‘Porcelain’ and when I used it on my face, it was much darker. To be perfectly honest, it’s not a shade I would picked to highlight and conceal my under eye, but it works. I could almost use this shade as a foundation which I have been doing so when I am in rush in the weekdays. I don’t feel the shades are a true match against the colour shown on the packaging versus a swatch on the back of your arm, versus onto your actual skin. If you are thinking about buying this, it’s better to go into a store and try it for yourself. I understand a lot of people do not live in London and cannot make it to the store, which is why it might be an idea to visit your local Debenhams to check if they’re carrying the product. It is difficult to match this product online.


The coverage is amazing. I personally love thick concealers which give full coverage. This might not be for you if you don’t like the consistency to be thick, but I just love it. I also find the applicator to be perfect to match the formula because you can evenly spread it on areas of the face.



This was a deal breaker for me, because I did at one point almost not buy it. I do think it’s very pricey at £24. Usually I would have only purchased this on offer when Debenhams have a sale, but as I wasn’t sure about the swatches, I had to go into the London store. Sadly, there were no in store promotions, so I did end up paying full price.


It’s been a couple of months and I’ve been using this concealer everyday. I do love that it’s long lasting and non creasing. I am currently using the Too Faced Peach Powder to set my makeup with and it’s working very well with this concealer. Overall, I am happy with the product, but I will probably go for a shade lighter when I next re-purchase (when it goes on offer at Debenhams of course!) I would like to point out that this product claims to last upto 12 hours, and I can in fact confirm this is true. My days are very long and this stays on my face all day without budging. I do of course recommend you use to a fabulous setting spray to set your face with. My current favourite is the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist.

Have you tried this concealer before? What are your thoughts?