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Pixi Beauty Has Landed At Boots!

As the title states – Pixi Beauty is now being sold at Boots! I am over the moon about this because you all know how much I love this brand. This is great news for people like me, because it means I can stock up and splurge and collect my Boots points. Which comes in VERY handy might I add.

When Pixi launched at Boots a few weeks ago, they had everything at half price. This was the perfect opportunity for me to stock up on my beloved Glow Tonic, and to also try some of new tonics in their range. They did keep selling out and re-stocking, so I imagine this must have been a hit amongst everyone. I was sharing it all over social media when it did launch. The excitement just took over!


I picked up the smaller sizes (100ml) in all the new tonics as well as the Glow Tonic (perfect for my weekends away and holidays) and to be honest, I can never have enough toner. I think I have about a years supply now. I paid £6.67 for the 100ml tomics and £12 for the 250ml original glow tonic (yay). A few weeks prior to this haul, on the Pixi website, they were offering 20% off sitewide, and I ended up buying the full sized new tonics. Ooops. Oh well! I know they will get used up.

One thing to note, is that Boots isn’t stocking the full Pixi range (yet?!) I can only see a selection of their bestsellers. Who knows, maybe they will branch and out stock the makeup too. Items such as the Cleansing Balm are missing at the time of writing this. I suppose Boots wants to see how well the brand does before they stock it fully. So here’s hoping.

You can expect a full review to come on the blog soon all about the new tonics. Which I am super excited to try!