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Beauty Blender Blender’s Delight

I am living for the Christmas sets this year, and I saw this a preview of this Blender’s Delight, it was already on my wishlist. I picked mine up at Beauty Bay online, and it retails for £25 which is just amazing value for money as you get 5 full sized products. Not just that, but I also got 10% with a special offer they had at the time of ordering. I paid £22.50 for this complete set with free shipping.

You will know from my previous posts how much I love my Beauty Blenders and there’s so many ways to use them too! It’s the one item which is a staple in my makeup routine.

The holiday sets are getting bigger and better each year and the Beauty Blender is the one item I see everyone using. I use mine everyday and I try and stock up as much as possible, especially when I spot an offer.


The five piece set contains the following:

  • Beautyblender original – A pink makeup sponge
  • Mini Blendercleanser Solid Juicy Berry – A sweet smelling soap to clean your makeup sponges
  • Blender Defender – A flexible, shatterproof case to protect your makeup sponges
  • Beautyblender Joy – A yellow makeup sponge
  • Mini Blendercleanser Solid Juicy Apple – A fruity smelling soap to clean your makeup sponges

The products come presented in a very stylish and colourful box which I will be keeping to store my purchases in, and if like me you are makeup obsessed, this set should be on your Christmas list! If you can’t wait, then treat yourself!

The Blender Defender on it’s own is £10 alone, so the fact that you get all these other products, just makes it an incredible set. I’d been dying to try the new Blender Defender, because I am always looking for/needing storage for my blenders. I posted about how I love to store my stash of blenders, but I was also looking for ways to store the one that I use on the daily.

I love the two colourful blenders this set comes with – Pink and Yellow. It certainly adds a nice pop of colour to my collection and I’ve never tried the Apple and Berry cleansers before. I’m sure my blenders will be smelling perfectly sweet and yummy.

​The Blender’s Delight is available to purchase online and it’s the perfect Christmas present too.