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How To Apply False Eyelashes – Tips, Tricks & HACKS

I feel this post is so long overdue. I write about false lashes all the time, but I’d realised I’d never spoken about the application. This is very important, especially if you’re not confident. False eyelashes were not my best friend 5 years ago. It was the one step in my makeup routine which I just dreaded. Fast forward to 2018, and I am a pro at applying them. Practise really does make perfect, and because I wear them everyday, I just kept practising a technique that worked for me.

This might be a long winded post, but for those of you who wants tips and tricks, I’ve broken it down into bullet points for you which I hope is helpful.

  • Trim the lashes if they are too long against your real eyelashes
  • Always use Duo Glue to apply your lashes – it’s the best glue out there!
  • Apply the glue using a cotton bud – this will ensure there’s no extra glue on the band
  • Wait for 20-40 seconds to let the glue get tacky before you apply the lashes – this will make them stick better
  • Apply glue to the actual lash line and not on the eyelid.
  • For less drama on your lashes, you can cut them in half so you’re wearing half lashes only. This is something I do ALL the time. This makes them look more natural.
  • If you want EXTRA volume you can double stack your lashes for more drama.
  • If your lashes are flat, curl them with an eyelash curler beforehand. This will make sure the false lashes sit better against your real lashes.
  • Apply one or two coats of mascara after you’ve applied your lashes and let them dry, so that they blend in with your natural lashes.
  • Once your lashes have fully dried push them up to curl so that they blend in and lengthen.
  • Apply liquid liner right at the end to conceal the lash band on your upper lash line.
  • Store your lashes in a lash case to make them last longer.
  • Clean your lashes after each use using Micellar water and remove any excess glue once you take your lashes off.
  • You can use a tweezer to remove any excess lash glue
  • The drier the glue – the better the lashes will stick.
  • Do go back and forth and curl the lashes out, push them up and let them settle into your natural lashes.

A lot of tips I know, but I these are my holy grail tips which have helped me and saved me over the years.

I hope this helps <3