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Real Techniques Christmas Gift Sets

Everyone knows how much I love Real Techniques brushes, and every year I look forward to their Christmas sets. I’ve been buying/collecting them for a few years now and I’m also very lucky enough to be able to work with the brand I love so much too. This year was no different, and of course, I could not resist.

I’ve come to learn the ways in which Real Techniques works with their sets every year. They will have a few Christmas sets and then one huge set. The huge set usually retails at £70 and more often than not, it will go right down to £35 (half price) on Black Friday or as a special offer for a limited time.

Boots and Superdrug usually stock their own sets respectively, and I have to say this year, Superdug wins for me. I’m talking style wise. I love the iridescent handles and how colourful the brushes are. I might end up giving in and buying some sets in the sale in Boots, because I know what I’m like. I’ll keep you posted.

Grab and Glow Makeup Brush Gift Set, £16

This mini set features two brushes which are also mini sized. Included is a mini Expert Face Brush which can be used to apply and blend liquid foundation. Then we have the Mini Contour Brush, which as the name states is perfect for applying powder contour and highlight. It retails at £16, but I picked this up for only £8. It’s an amazing price on offer and don’t worry if you missed it, because it will more than likely go down again on Black Friday. So keep an eye out!

​You Glow Girl Makeup Brush Gift Set, £75

This is the showstopper set for me of 2018. Real Techniques did not disappoint and there’s even some new brushes in the set. I paid £35 for mine, and again, if you missed this incredible offer, don’t panic! It will more than likely go down on Black Friday too. It’s a 13 piece set in total broken down as follows – 11 makeup brushes and 2 sponges for face application.

  • Angled Multitask Brush – angled cut for allover application or soft contouring
  • Fan Brush – softly sweeps on powders + whisks away any excess makeup for an even finish
  • Ultimate Powder Brush – fluffy, long bristles for maximum powder pickup and application
  • Buffing Brush – ideal for full coverage application of powder or mineral foundation
  • Rounded Contour Brush – densely packed, rounded head for liquid contour or highlight application
  • Full Coverage Eye Brush – tapered head for maximum powder shadow pickup and application all-over lid
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge Case – protect your miracle complexion sponge on-the-go
  • Blending Crease Brush – tapered head that fits in crease to blend harsh lines
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge – shaped to create the perfect base and build coverage using liquid foundation
  • Instapop All Over – extreme taper for concentrated application of powder blush or highlighter
  • Metal Lash Wand – use to apply your favourite mascara or dip in oil to rejuvenate lashes
  • Brow Brush – for applying and blending colour naturally
  • Flat Liner Brush – straight edge perfect for extending eyeliner past eyelid

​I relish in the holiday collections at Christmas. They’re always so fun! Will you be picking anything up from Real Techniques this year?