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Huda Beauty at Feel Unique

I always speak about my love for Feel Unique, they are so on trend with all the fabulous new brands they’re stocking. It’s an online department store which caters for all your beauty needs. Now they are stocking Huda Beauty and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, when it comes to makeup and skincare, I don’t shop anywhere else these days! The Huda Beauty brand has blown up massively in the last few years and the makeup range is forever expanding. The two products which have proved to be a huge hit amongst fans (and me) is the eyeshadow and highlighting palettes. She just keeps knocking it out of the park!

The packaging is so beautiful, and it definitely has a Middle Eastern vibe to it, which I am loving. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on these products with you. I am a sucker for all the colours, the pigments look so intense and so far, everything I’ve used from her range, I have loved.

There’s so much more I will be trying in future too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Rose Gold Palette Remastered

I did eventually fall in love with the original version of this palette. This new Remastered palette is on a whole other level of obsession though! I cannot wait to share the swatches with you guys, as well as the insane packaging. This seems to be the only palette I am reaching for at the moment and it’s really not hard to see why!

Desert Dusk Palette

This palette is basically my Arabian dream come true. It’s full of duo chrome colours, highly pigmented shades and mimics the desert! I won’t go into too much detail as I will be doing a full review on this very soon. For now, let’s admire the beauty that is Desert Dusk.

3D Highlight Palette Pink Sands

I really don’t need much convincing when it comes to highlighters. This palette encourages layering and glowing to the gods. It has so many uses and it’s versatile about how it can be used. Again, I won’t be going into too much detail as there will be a full review coming to the blog very soon. Keep an eye out.

Huda Beauty can be purchased online at Feel Unique.

*PR sample. All views are my own.