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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Remastered

I always jump on the band wagon when it comes to new releases, and when I heard about the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette, I will admit I felt a mix of emotions. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘What about my other palette?!’ and the second was ‘I’m so excited!’ When I first reviewed the original palette, I hold my hands up and say I was not a fan. However, the more I used it, the more I loved it. It did end up being one of two palettes I took on holiday with me and it was pretty much the only one I used the duration of my three weeks in Canada. I still stand by this statement when I say I do like it, however, I love the new remastered version even more!


There’s lot of differences to the new palette. The first thing I immediately noticed was how heavy the palette was and it felt a lot more high end and sturdy compared to the last. I complained about there not being a mirror in the original palette, and Huda has included a mirror this time. The packaging is floral, metallic and so gorgeous! It is also important to note, two shades from the old palette have been replaced and updated with the shades Risque, Demure and Doll Face. These replace Bossy, Shy and Flamingo. Black Truffle – the blackest matte eyeshadow I have ever used to date, can now be used wet and dry, so it actually also doubles up as an eyeliner. Perfect!


I just wasn’t getting a long with the original palette at first, and took quite a few uses for me to start loving it. The remastered palette is just simply amazing and I am in love with it straight away! The formula is so much more smoother, feels like butter when applied (swatched and on the eyes) and actually I find it so much more easier on application. I did struggle with the original palette because I found the pigment colours quite chunky. The new palette is just a dream!

I always gravitate towards shimmer shades and I’m so glad the colours in this palette and more finely milled. They are so much easier to use and there is zero fall out. I can use the shimmer shades with a brush now, whereas the original palette had to be used with the fingers to apply. The new palette definitely has a lot more of a ‘glow’ factor to it.


The question is, is it worth the £56 price tag? I’m going to answer this honestly. The original palette was not worth it, no. The remasterered version is totally worth it! I love it and it’s become my new favourite palette to use. I even use Moondust as a highlighter. If you’ve never owned any Huda Palettes before and you’re looking to invest in one, this is a great starter palette for your collection and your professional makeup kit too.


I hope this helps. I honestly didn’t just want to review this palette alone without doing some sort of comparison because I really do feel it’s important to see the difference. You can read my review on the original palette right here.

You can purchase the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette at Feel Unique.


*PR sample. All views are my own.