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SmoothSkin Muse Hair Removal

How many of us struggle with hair removal on a daily basis? I know I do. I am one of those people who gets irritated by having to go for my waxing appointment all the time and I really just prefer to do it myself. Waxing was once the bain of my life, but over the years, laser and IPL has become so popular. It’s what more of us are doing these days.


IPL is Intense Pulsed Light which uses a flash to deliver hits of intense pulses of light that specifically targets hair and it’s growth. The device is always handheld and high powered, and it’s best used if you want results which last longer.

SmoothSkin Muse ​

The brand SmoothSkin Muse orginally launched in 2014 and have since then developed the skin tone sensor to make treatments at home easy and safe. ​

​How Does It Work

The device is designed to break the hair cycle by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and slow down or stop the process of regrowth totally. The light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle which heats up and prevents unwanted hair from growing back. SmoothSkin Muse is designed to be once a week for 12 weeks, and this will capture all the hair follicles and prevent them from growing back. ​

After the 12 treatments are up, all you need is top up sessions as and when you need them, and depending on your hair growth, can be anywhere between 4-8 weeks. You may need to top up quicker or later, but this all really depends on each person, and lots of factors such as skin tone, hair type and genetics can play a part in this.

Once you’ve had your first few initial top up sessions, you will quickly fall into a routine which works for you.

SmoothSkin Muse has an in-built skin tone​ ​sensor offering a bespoke treatment with every
flash. The clever technology, developed by the experts at SmoothSkin, scans your skin before each flash and automatically selects the light intensity best suited to your unique skin tone – maximising your results, safely.

How To Use

You can treat the whole body (depending on how much hair you have) within around 20 minutes or so. Using the stamp and glide mode, it’s easy to use and very quick. The device includes a dual treatment mode too, so you can treat large and small areas precisely and pay attention to detail. The glide mode works perfect on the legs and stamp mode is best used on the underarms or bikini area.

As with any new device, I always advise a patch test before you try anything new. Take a small area on any part of your body, shave it, and use the SmoothSkin Muse. I’d wait at least 24 hours before using it all over.

This is pretty much how you would use it all over the body too. The first step is to shave the affected area and then go over it using the SmoothSkin Muse.

For first time users, I recommend using in gentle mode to begin in, and also if you have sensitive skin. The UV filter will prevent skin damage, so you’re always covered.

In the past when I’ve used IPL devices I’ve found that you can only get a certain number of flashes, but with SmoothSkin Muse, this isn’t the case. You get unlimited flashes which really extends the lifetime value for me. This is why I wouldn’t hesitate to invest – because the lifetime value is much greater.

The Important Bits

It’s really very important to note this because you want to make sure this is the right hair removal device for you! SmoothSkin Muse is suitable for skin tones 1-5 and those with naturally Brown or Black hair. It is not suitable for skin tone 6, or for those with White, Grey, Blonde or Red hair.

SmoothSkin Muse retails at £399 and it’s available to purchase at the SmoothSkin online store BUT… you can find it for just £299 at Amazon


*PR sample. All views are my own.