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Sephora Haul

I have an exciting Sephora haul to share on the blog! I am so excited! My family came over recently from Canada, and of course they’d asked if I wanted anything from Sephora. You know me and makeup, I never say no! Since Sephora have revoked access to us on their site, I couldn’t really go and view any products. I still think it’s a real shame they’ve done that, because they get a lot of business from us in the UK.

My cousin very kindly sent me loads of screen shots and I picked out what I wanted. In my haul I purposely opted for Sephora’s own brand of products because we pretty much get the same brands over here. The main thing is really the favourites sets. Mine are still going strong from my trip last year, so I really didn’t need anymore!


So this is what I opted for:

  • Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes
  • Papaya Exfoliating Wipes
  • Sephora Pro Pigment Palette
  • Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
  • Sephora Collection Face Mask Magic
  • Sephora Face Mask Applicator

I use wipes in my daily makeup routine and I love the idea of the scented ones. I can’t wait to try these out! I love coconut, and imagine these smell great.

Makeup remover is another item which I use in my daily routine, and when I last went to Sephora I forgot to pick this up. Everyone always raves about this, and now I can finally try it.

I love my face masks so much, and there’s plenty of my foundation brushes which have been ruined in the past. This is because I always end up using them to apply the masks with. This face mask applicator will hopefully stop me from ruining anymore brushes!

Speaking of face masks, I’m also a sucker for sheet masks. I could not resist this set. It has a lovely selection of masks, so that’s me sorted for the next month.

I’ve been lusting after this pro palette for months now, and never picked it up when Sehpora was still allowing us to access their site from the UK. I opted for the pro pigment palette because I love the shimmer shades and toppers. I will be doing a separate review for you guys on this, so keep a look out.

There we have it. My Sephora haul. Looking at all this makeup is making me miss Canada again. I think I need to go back pronto to get my Sephora fix!