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PixiGlow Cake Powders – 3 in 1

Happy New Year guys! This is my first post of 2019 after taking a well deserved blogging break. It’s really no surprise that my first post on the blog is all about glowing, and of course it has to be PIXI.

Pixi have launched Cake Powders which offer a 3 in 1 glow. I’d say it has the perfect components for a complexion palette – it’s a blusher, bronzer and highlighter all in one.

The Cake Powders come available in two shades – Gilded Bare Glow and Pink Champagne Glow. Retailing at £24 each, there’s a lot of product for your money’s worth.


In order to show the shades at their best, I had to take more than three swatches from each palette to really show you the true intensity of the colours.

You can see the transition shades in GildedBare Glow, and it’s definitely leabing more towards the brush and bronze side.

Looking at PinkChampagne Glow, it’s easy to see this has the more shimmery highlight shades in it, and the Pink colours are great to be used as blushers. There’s one colour from this palette which I think is great for bronzing.

I love the ombre effect on the palettes and I think it looks so visually pleasing. The powders apply silky, soft and smooth and they blend together really well.

You can use the shades alone or all blended together, depending on the effect you are after. I think it gives a really nice overall flushed effect and adds a nice amount of colour to the cheeks. You can build up the powder to radiate and make the skin glow. The colours are subtle, but clealy visible. If you don’t want that harsh flush of colour to the face, this is perfect for you.

​Designed to naturally enhance your skin tone and complexion, the powders work together to give a glowing blush which is certainly achieved. ​Not only does it look good but it also contains ceramides, peptides and grape seed extract.

PinkChampagne Glow is a richer blend of rosé, hot pink and hazelnut and GildedBare Glow is a glistening sand, mixed with coral and taupe.

The powders contain a satin and glow finish and both of these finishes can be achieved by using the shades alone or by mixing them. I generally like to use both palettes mixed with all three shades for an all over healthy glow.

The Cake Powders are out now and available to purchase at the usual PIXI outlets.


*PR sample. All views are my own.