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Hi Guys!

Thanks for stopping by. Makeup and beauty is my PASSION! I live and breathe it 24/7. I work with all kinds of products on a daily basis and have a lot of knowledge of the skin and how particular products work. I wanted to put everything I love into one space and along came my little blog.

Musings of a Makeup Junkie is a UK based website dedicated to all things makeup and beauty related as well as lifestyle. I update this website frequently on posts that interest my readers. I offer honest reviews and opinions. I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. If I am, I will clearly state at the start of the post (please see my disclaimer for more information)

If you’d like to work with me, pop me an email right here: annieqadeer@gmail.com

FAQ and MORE about me!

  • I have oily to combination skin and suffer from blemishes
  • My hair is naturally curly, dry on the ends if not styled properly
  • I am Blonde (not natural of course!)
  • Skin tone: I have light/medium skin with a yellow undertone, and in Mac I wear Mac NW25, Armani Silk Luminous 5.50, Nars Medium 1 Punjab, Chanel 20 Clair, Dior Star 032 Rosy Beige.
  • I apply my foundation mostly using a Beauty Blender
  • My concealer is applied using a Beauty Blender, it helps to keep the creases at bay
  • My favourite concealer is anything by TARTE!
  • I use an iPhone 8s Plus to take all my pictures
  • Pictures are edited to brighten/add contrast
  • I do not photoshop my own pictures. I use a filter at most
  • I wear coloured contact lenses sometimes. This enhances eye makeup
  • MAC was my first love
  • My desert island product is brow pencil
  • I always double cleanse when removing my makeup
  • I highly encourage a skincare regime
  • I drink LOTS of water to keep my skin looking good
  • I like to mix my brands when applying makeup

FAQ I get asked ALL the time: A really good website to help you match your foundation colour if you are purchasing online is matchmymakeup.com. You type in your current foundation and it will generate a list of foundations from other leading big brand names to match your skin type. If you are a little unsure, you can always pop to your local counter and try a sample first.

If you have any other questions, I would love to hear from you! Email me at annieqadeer@gmail.com.

Testing Periods

  • Lip products are wear tested over a five wear period.
  • Foundation/Concealer/Primers I will test over a full week using only that product.
  • Powder products (face/cheeks/eyes) are tested twice once with a primer and once without.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner – I have a seven wash rule before making any judgement.
  • Hair styling products – These will be used at least three times before I share my thoughts.
  • Skin Care – I will test the product for as long as it claims it needs to be used to see any benefits, if it doesn’t make any claims I trial it over a month.


I am also a qualified Makeup Artist! For bookings please contact me via email on annieqadeer@gmail.com.