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Posts by this author:

Space NK: The Expert Edition Campaign

Hi Guys!

Earlier this week I attended the launch for the ‘Expert Edition Campaign’ with Space NK. It was a lovely intimate event where I was able to meet the six Space NK customers who featured in the campaign.

Space NK had their resident makeup artists in attendance also and they were giving makeup overs to all those who came using this season’s newly launched products!

Image courtesy of spacenk.com

Renowned makeup artist Karen Alder was also there at hand giving us her tips and techniques in how to achieve the perfect face.


I mingled over some extremely delicious canapes and cocktails and was swatching away at all the new products in site! I was like a kid in a candy store.

I had a really fun evening and there was a great ambience in the room as everyone was super excited to talk about this seasons new launches.

I was given some lovely products to try, which I am very excited about!



What is Inside?


Thank you Space NK for a lovely evening!


*This post contains PR samples


Bloggers Festival 2016

Hi Guys!

On Saturday I attended the follow up event to Bloggers Ball  – Bloggers Festival! A fun event organised by the lovely Scarlett again. It was held at the Conrad Hotel in St James Park, London.

The Event

We were greeted at the door with canapes and a drinks reception. There was a huge flower wall which us bloggers were totally obsessed with – photo ops! I just loved it so much.


L-R, Tanned Beauty Addict, Me, It’s Skin Deep and Beauty Breaks with Vicky.

It’s a great social event too, to just catch up with my friends, meet new bloggers and share creativity and ideas.


This event was probably my favourite because it was more intimate and I was loving all the brands who attended.


Upon arrival I was booked in for a photo shoot with Jewellery Box.


I was given the opportunity to model their jewellery collection for them. Eeek! It was so exciting, but so much fun. The had a really lovely mid summer backdrop which we were all crushing over.





Brands I Visited


I focused mainly on brands that would be beneficial to my blog and beauty related for you guys of course! I have lots of lovely products to review and can’t wait to show you in depth.



This company pretty much saved my life. My phone is always dying! Varta were kind enough to give me a fully charged power pack which will come in so handy to me for future events and when I am out and about on the go taking blog pictures or updating my social media.I can’t wait to use it and I got it in my favourite colour too!

My Jewellery Box


As you would have read above, I was invited to take part in the My Jewellery Box’s photo shoot showcasing their pieces. It was a lot of fun and I love how the pictures turned out. They were kind enough to let me keep the pieces I modelled too.

7th Heaven


Can we just talk about this for a minute? 7th Heaven – more like face mask heaven! Looks like I am sorted for the next few months. The lady at the counter talked through my skincare concerns and recommended the best masks for me. I love to have a pamper evening, so I look forward to reviewing these masks in depth.

Go Send


Go Send is a mail forwarding company that makeup junkies like I use to import american makeup from. I am so glad to have met them there and now I have a discount code to use off my next order!

Friction Free Shaving


A monthly razor subscription box? Yes please! Every woman will know the struggles of shaving. This company delivers razors straight to your door for just £3 a month! I can’t wait to shave my legs with these babies and have completely irritation free skin!

Beverly Hills Formula


I am a clean teeth obsessive and this formulation contains charcoal to give that perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile. I brush my teeth twice a day and I am looking forward to seeing the results with these!

Natural World


I love to use oils in my hair on a weekly basis to nourish and condition. Natural World supplied me with a soothing therapy hair treatment oil which controls frizz (something I suffer with) and leaves hair silky and smooth. This will be perfect for my straight hair days.

Deborah Mitchell


I had a consultation with a lovely lady from the company who recommended the peppermint clarifying hydragel and youthful moisturiser. I am looking forward to trying these products as I love peppermint!



Another charging company to the rescue! I met PNY as soon as I entered the venue and I’m so glad I did. Their phone chargers are like a battery pack – thicker but they do the same thing. I am glad I have 2 back ups!

I will of course be reviewing all these products individually. I really am excited to try them!

The End

At the end of the evening we were handed these very generous goody bags – they had lots and lots of fun things inside to eat, drink and use!


Thank you Scarlett – and thank you to all the sponsors who made the goody bag so versatile. I enjoyed all the edible goods and beverages.

Events like these are great for small bloggers to network and get acquainted. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with big brands and get that support that we need. If your a blogger who is just starting out, or small blogger getting established – Scarlett events are worth attending. You won’t be disappointed!

More Pics




Huge thank you to my friend Beauty Breaks with Vicky for being the photographer of the day!

Did ny of you guys attend the event? Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Until next time my loves XO



MAC Star Trek Launch Party

Hello Makeup Babes!

Celebrating 50 Years

Star Trek fans – are you ready.. The makeup community went wild when news spread about this collection. I didn’t realise there was so many fans amongst us in the beauty world. Apparently makeup and Star Trek mix well because everyone has been raving about this. I am personally not a fan of the movies, but obviously it’s limited edition, and you all know my feelings towards that.

Another Day, Another Event..

I was invited to attend the MAC Star Trek launch party last week at Carnaby Street, London. I seem to have become a regular fixture there!

Senior makeup artist Dominic Skinner was presenting a mini class from the collection, and I picked up lots of new tricks. I always do as his classes are always so much fun!


This collection celebrates 50 years of Star Trek with crazy metallics and silvers. All of these colours are workable. They may seem like ‘out there’ shades but they can be mixed and blended to be used in your everyday makeup routine! The lipstick (LLAP) can be used as a highlight too! The only downside is that MAC Carnaby didn’t have the full collection in stock on launch day which was a little annoying as I couldn’t photograph everything.


My favourite from the collection is the Mineralise Skin Finish. I picked up Luna Lustre of course because it makes a gorgeous highlighter. I love the mixture of colours in the pan and how they are swirled to perfection – I am obsessed!


The launch was fully complete with a Star Trek themed bar and waiters. It was all very exciting. I love that MAC always put a lot of thought into their parties and make it a really fun experience for those attending.



Our host for the night was also dressed for the occasion.


We were invited to experience the transporter which took us to another world! (All fun and games of course)


I had a really enjoyable night with my pal Beauty Breaks with Vicky.


You can buy this collection right here from MAC online or in store.

What do you think of this collection? Will you be buying anything?



Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipsticks


Hello Lipstick Lovers!


Well they are finally here! The much sought after Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks launched at Cult Beauty on 15th August and I managed to nab myself 4 shades. Harrods also launched the full Huda Beauty line in store, but why go into Central London when you can order from the comfort of your own home! Cult Beauty are pretty quick and my items only took one day to arrive. I had a promo code for 15% off too which always helps. The queue in Harrods was a little crazy to say the least!


What Did I Get

  • Muse
  • Gossip Gurl
  • Venus
  • Bombshell

As you know, I already own the Huda Beauty lip contour (you can read my review right here!) so I felt it was only fitting for me to get the matching liquid lipsticks too!


I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical about ordering online because the swatches and colours look different on every single person I have seen them on. I totally understand that everyone has a different skin colouring and that lip pigmentation is different too, but some of the shades look super light on some people and super dark on others.

So, let’s get onto it…



L-R: Muse, Gossip Girl, Venus and Bombshell

I tried to be quite broad with my colour choices but not too crazy. Bombshell and Venus are the obvious nudes I picked as I can never resist. Bombshell has more of an orange tone to it and Venus is a little darker. Gossip girl looks very Pink on the swatch but when it applies to the lips it comes up a lot lighter. Muse is probably my favourite out of all 4, but I will no doubt be mixing and matching the colours to custom make my own! The swatches look totally different to what I have seen on other people but I still love the colours.


The only thing really ‘bothering’ me is that I couldn’t get any decent swatches without them looking streaky. I spent a good half an hour trying and it just wasn’t happening. So I present to you – more streaky swatches!


They don’t apply streaky on the lips, just the swatches came up like this.




I love the way these liquid lipsticks have been packed. They are uniform with Huda’s lash line and have to admit look super cute.

The actual tube is a frosted clear bottle and it feels quite heavy. It is filled with lots of product! In comparison to brands such as Jeffree Star this packaging is more luxe high end. You can see Huda Beauty has put a lot of effort into it – the letters ‘Huda Beauty’ are cased in metallic Pink and each box has all of her social media details which gives it a nice touch.


I could’t wait to try these out and so I did! I had the product on for about 8 hours and ate in between. I did find that the colour did transfer slightly and the formula felt tacky on me. The colour stayed on throughout and only faded mostly in the centre of my lips.


The price point for this product is spot on and what I would expect to pay for a liquid lipstick. The formula didn’t blow me away – but when you become a lipstick connoseiur you develop a knack for knowing what’s good and what isn’t. I am not entirely fussy but I probably expected a lot more since people had ‘raved’ about the formula so much. There are a lot of bloggers out there who will never give a bad review – I always give an HONEST one. I love the packaging, the concept is super cute but you can buy better formulas from other companies (Dose of Color, Kylie Cosmetics to name a few) Naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. This formula is not drying at all though. Strange for a matte lip but I actually liked how it felt on minus the sticky feeling. I am not a fan of sticky liquid lipsticks and this did bother me a little, but the longer the lipstick was on, the less tackier it felt if that makes sense? It felt very light on though and creamy. I wouldn’t say it’s a drying liquid lipstick – more so moisturising. It’s different to any other formula I’ve tried before. If you want to try a matte liquid lipstick but hate the dryness it has, try this formula.

In comparison to other brands:

  • ABH is much drier and patchy
  • Kylie Cosmetics is even drier but lightweight
  • ABH and Kylie is more pigmented
  • Huda Beauty is quite patchy
  • Huda Beauty transfers more
  • Huda Beauty has the strongest scent
  • JSC is much patchier and heavier in formula


Now this lipstick has a very very strong coconut/vanilla scent to it which many girls have found over bearing. If your not a fan of coconut, this probably isn’t for you. The scent did not put me off, but it did for others. It can be sickly sweet. When I was swatching this on my arm I did have to wipe of off quite quick as the smell was over bearing, but once you have applied the product to your lips, it disappears.

Should I Buy It?

I would say buy one at least, just to try. If anything judge for yourself. I really like Huda’s concept with the packaging and I know it’s another liquid lipstick.. Seems like everyone is bringing it out these days – but you wont know what you like and what you don’t until you try different brands. If you are super sceptical and you live in London – it is probably worth popping to Harrods to try these out before you buy them. Alternatively, you can purchase these right here from Cult Beauty.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Did you pick up any from the collection? Let me know your thoughts below! XO





Hello again makeup lovers!

We all own a few collectables in our makeup which we are too scared to touch. I hold my hands up and admit it, I am the worse culprit. As I was tidying through my makeup I stumbled across my ‘untouchables’ box and decided to share it with you all since so many of you have asked to see my makeup collection.

If I was to make a post my full collection, we would be here all day. Today I want to talk you through some my collectable items. Now, the important thing to note here is, I own a lot of makeup and I have been collecting for years. I am a hoarder. Some people collect stamps, I collect makeup! I’m sure I’ve said this before. It’s a habit that I cannot kick.

Let’s kick it off with these beauties..


You’ll never guess where I picked these up? M&S. They were only £12.50 each I think and it was a limited luxe collection for Summer a couple of years ago. They remind me very much of the Guerlain highlighters but for a fraction of the price. These are too pretty to touch, but I love admiring them.


The Burberry Runway highlighter is so intricately designed with lots of careful detail. It’s just so beautiful and I have only swatched it in the corner of the circle as I didn’t want to ruin the design. One of the many pretty highlighters I own, the packaging for this is so luxury.


I had a really big drama buying the notorious ‘Oh Darling’ that every single girl in the country was searching for last year. When it’s so sought after you need back ups right? This is my back up. I’ll always love this highlighter because the colour payoff is so insane.



This collection by MAC in collaboration with designer Giambattista Valli is one of my most favourite collections ever EVER to be made. It’s all about the packaging and attention to detail on it. I love the colours as they are so vibrant and versatile and I really feel like MAC haven’t topped any other collection since. I can confidently say I made many good friends because of this collection! Why you ask? Me and a handful of other girls were frantically waiting for the launch on these and our love of lipstick started a friendship! I am not ashamed to say I even booked a a day off for this launch as we didn’t know what time it would be up online. I could not risk it. Makeup is serious business! If your not an addict, you probably be laughing reading this. If your in the makeup community, you will totally understand what I’m saying!


From MAC’s future forward collection this is one vivid and crazy looking highlighter! Called ‘Otherearthly’ the colours in this pan are amazing, although I will never touch my own. I did swatch it in store and the one thing I kick myself for is not buying a back up. It’s something a little different MAC released and it looks so pretty!


This luxury palette purchase was made courtesy of my friend Beauty Breaks. She convinced me I needed it. It was always sold out everywhere and so hard to find. I have swatched this but I don’t want to use it! I feel like it’s going to stay in the ‘Untouchables’ box. It’s too pretty to touch!



One of the most eye dropping highlighters. Look at that floral print!! I die! I have back ups because I am mad. One set is part of the ‘untouchables’ collection and the other set I actually use. I mad about Dior. I have been collecting their limited edition pieces since I was 18. It’s a never ending love affair with Dior as they always pay so much attention to detail and packaging. Love!! Ever having a bad day? Just take a look at these to brighten your day.


It was too much to do a post on these separately so I am showing these to you together. Very recent purchases as you’ll know from my previous blog post – Mac Poesia and Mac Vibe Tribe. Equally beautiful, different and never to be touched!

That’s it for the untouchables for now. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to add on a follow up post in a few months time. I hope you all enjoyed the read xo

Do you own any of these?