ASOS Beauty Exclusive | Alpha-H A-H Edit Kit

Alpha H Skincare (7)

This Alpha H set is exclusive to ASOS Beauty and it’s a bargain price of only Β£29.99. If you are looking to try this brand out for the first time, this is a great little starter set because it includes everything you need to cater to your skincare needs.

Alpha H Skincare (10)

There are 5 products to try and it comes packed in a mesh pouch which can be used again. The set is designed specifically for exfoliating, resurfacing and renewing the skin.

  • Triple Action Cleanser, 30ml
  • Micro Cleanse Super Scrub, 15ml
  • Daily Essential Moisturiser, 30ml
  • Essential Hydration Cream, 30ml
  • Absolute Lip Perfector, 3ml

Alpha H Skincare (2)

The cleanser acts as a makeup remover too, so you have a double duty product right there. It helps remove any excess oil and keeps blemishes at bay too.

Alpha H Skincare (4)

The scrub is designed to banish dull skin and rejuvinate as well as combat any breakouts.

Alpha H Skincare (3)

The moisturiser is super lightweight and can be used as a light primer in the Summer. It contains SPF 50 so it’s perfect to take on holiday too.

Alpha H Skincare (5)

The Essential Hydration Cream can be used as a nightly moisturiser which is designed to soothe the skin.

Alpha H Skincare (6)

The Lip Perfector is the perfect primer to your lips before applying liquid lipstick. It has a cooling effect on the lips and it’s designed to plump the lips too.

Alpha H Skincare (1)

This Australian brand believes in keeping the skin care routine simple and uncomplicated. The active ingredients have proven results and they have a solution for every skin concern. The price points are very affordable too which is always a plus point.

Alpha H Skincare (9)

You can purchase the ASOS exclusive right here.


*This post contains PR samples. All views are my own. For further information read my disclaimer.

L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

L’oreal have introduced a new line to their mascara range called ‘Miss Baby Roll’ It claims to give lashes an instant lift, along with mega volume and curl. The curl lasts all day long and I was intrigued on putting this to the test because 1) how cute is the packaging 2) they have some bright colours.

Loreal Miss Baby Roll (2)

I picked up the full line:

  • Lilac
  • Indigo
  • Teal
  • Black

Loreal Miss Baby Roll (3)

Usually I would NEVER buy coloured mascara. It’s so out of my comfort zone, but it seems the 90’s are making a come back, so why the heck not! Realistically I use these shades when creating a colourful look, and even then only on the bottom of my lashes.

The first thing that drew me to the mascara was the bright packaging. Not gonna lie, I’m a total sucker for it. L’oreal are making drugstore fun again which is why a lot more people are buying it. Their popularity has increased so much. The unique selling point of the curled wand reminds me of Benefit Rollerlash, but without the price tag.

Miss Baby Roll (4)

So I wanted to test this out for myself to see if the curl in my lashes did really last all day? I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever had a mascara drop it’s curl ever, so I’m not entirely sure why L’oreal made that claim.

My lashes are naturally very long and curled anyway, so I could use ANY mascara, and be able to tell you they made my lashes long and curly. So those two points are totally out the window. What I can confirm is that it didn’t give me mega volume. No more than usual, but were my lashes curled? Yes, more than usual.

Loreal Miss Baby Roll (1)

The application part was fun for me. I literally rolled my mascara on like a zig zag. I like the wand with a twisted effect too.Β You won’t need more than two coats otherwise it will look clumpy, because the formula is quite thick on application. I like the fact that the wand is quite short, and you can easily control application. I suppose really this is what helps the curl. If you don’t have naturally curly lashes like me, then I do recommend using an eyelash curler prior to using Baby Roll.

Loreal Miss Baby Roll (5)

Would I repurchase? Hell yes! My lashes were super duper mega curly! This mascara will not give you super long luscious lashes, but it will give you immense curl. So, if you love that type of look, this mascara is for you! I’m happy with this because my lashes are already quite long, but this did give them a nice lift and curl.

You can purchase Miss Baby Roll rightΒ here.

Have you tried Miss Baby Roll yet? What did you think of it?